So What if it Doesn’t Work Out?

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To all of my go-getters and type A personalities…and anyone who will go over and beyond to see their dreams become a reality. This post is for you.  I don’t know about you, but I have had my share of frustrations like, “Ok, I’m doing my part, but nothing seems to working” or “Why is it taking so long for this to happen” and on and on. You get my drift;-)

The only time I got frustrated like this is when it comes to things that I’m passionate about…the things that keep me moving.  I know that “faith without works is dead” so, I do my best to put my faith in action by working and going hard at what I love to do.  I know that something great is going to happen…but, there have been times  when things would fall through or didn’t work out the way I planned for it to?  That’s when my frustrations would come.  As time has passed and I have grown up a little, I have come the realization that “So what if it doesn’t work out.”

No, I haven’t lost faith.  I wholeheartedly believe that the purpose I was created for is definitely coming to pass.  I got so frustrated because I sitting there saying to myself, “I am putting my faith into action.”   But there’s no result…or so I thought.  But in all actuality, the results were being produced…my faith was (and is) growing. I just want to encourage you to keep working your faith because God sees it and it moves him.  Everything that God has promised is already prepared. But until it we receive the promise, move in faith. Keep working.  So what if things don’t work out when you want it to…what matters it that we don’t stop working our faith out.

Be blessed because you truly are;-)

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