My Natural Hair Journey…The Decision Part 1

I must say that I love my natural hair!  It has truly been a journey of ups and downs. I never would have imagined that I would have invested so much time, energy, and money in my hair.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the term natural hair.  It simply means that my hair is no longer being permanently alter by chemicals that causes my hair to be straight. (If you are curious about the whole process of being chemical free or relaxer free Google it. There are tons of videos, blogs, and websites about natural hair…therefore, I will not be redundant.)

A few years, I started seeing African-American women embracing their natural hair.  I thought that natural hair was beautiful but I knew that it wasn’t for me.  I remember a college friend telling me that she was going natural and she asked me if I might go natural.  I told her that my hair would be unmanageable and too thick to care for.  So as time progressed,  I started seeing more black women shaving their heads or wearing Afros I started digging how amazing how black hair could coil, kink, and curl.  One day in May 2010, my sister was frustrated at the condition of her hair and the challenges of keeping it healthy.  So,  we were at a beauty supply store/beauty shop looking at hair products.  We began talking to some of the workers at the shop discussing hair health and the subject of being natural came up.  My sister started saying that she should cut all of my hair off and start fresh.  A hair stylist told her that going natural could work for her and suggested that she schedule an appointment to get a hair cut.  My sister and I just stared at each other for a while and I saw in her eyes that she was seriously contemplating on chopping all of her hair off.

She asked me should she do it.  I was nervous for her but I knew that she has never been shy about cutting her hair.  I told her to go for it and that I’d pay for it.  She asked the hair stylist to cut it right there before she changed her mind. My sister did the BIG CHOP (google it)!

My Sister after her Big Chop

After my sister big chopped, I was inspired and began researching natural hair.  I saw so many beautiful black women like my sister cut off all of their hair to grow it as God created…curly and free!  After being inspired,educated on how to care for natural hair, and how transition from relaxed to natural… I made the decision on October 16, 2o10 (6 months after my sister cut her hair) to stop relaxing my hair.  Instead of cutting my hair off abruptly,  I chose to transition by simply growing my hair out until I got my hair to certain length of comfort to cut it.  Fast forward to May 11, 2011,  I chose to cut my hair.  Which was one of the best decision I ever made.  Check out my big chop video.  Look out for the part 2…


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