Closet Chic: Closet Shopping Challenge

Happy New Year!  I hope your holiday season was great and blessed!  This year I don’t have any resolutions. I just want to give this year my absolute best.  I do have a challenge for myself.  The challenge involves me not buying any clothes this year unless it is absolutely necessary.  During the holidays, I went through my closet to take out clothes and shoes that I don’t wear.  I realized that I have some garments that I have neglected.  Which means that I am guilty of having too many clothes.  So, I made the decision to not purchase anymore garments in 2013 and be creative with what I already have.  Let’s see how that goes:-)

So, this was my outfit for the last Sunday of 2012.  I haven’t worn this shirt in a few years. It’s absolutely fab and I bought it at a fab price (Walmart $5).  My skirt is actually a sleeveless dress that came with a matching jacket (Ross $19.99).  I actually gave the jacket away because it’s not my style.  The belt I had on came with a sweater dress from JC Penney ($14).  My turquoise pumps came from Charlotte Russe for $15.  I was able take pieces from different outfits to create a new one.  I hope you find inspiration in your closet:-)

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