I Am Rare

So, I was having a conversation with my mom about the dating scene.  I truly had a vent session about all of the issues that I had experienced in 2012.  Some good and others were disappointing to say the least.  As the optimistic therapist that I am (smiles), I look for the positives and learn from the negatives.  But I had a moment where the negatives seem to outshine the positives.

I knew of the challenges that other women faced with dating.  But once I got back in the game, I realized how challenging dating can be.  Challenging in the fact that most people who I met where dating for various reasons.  Some where looking for flings, some where looking for trophies, some where looking to fill up their time and others just did not know what they wanted.   I just wanted to meet a good guy who had the qualities to be a great friend and possibly an even greater boyfriend.  Did I have much success?  NO. But here’s why…

Let’s go back to my conversation with my mother.  She consoled me like a great mother does and directed towards a scripture…

“Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all” Proverbs 31.29.

So, when she directed me to the scripture my initial response was, “I read Proverbs 31 so many times about being a virtuous woman. I get it.”  I strive to be a virtuous woman.  She told me to look at the verse again.  I did and I let it sink in. “…thou exellest them all”.  I looked at her and she said three words that changed my thought process instantly. “YOU ARE RARE.”

I sat there just absorbing those three small words that have so much meaning.  She began to explain that when you are rare you have so much value and worth.  Therefore, it takes an equally special, rare person who is not only deserving of you but respects and cherishes you because of your rarity.

I did not forget that I am virtuous and precious.  That’s why I did not settle last year.  I was frustrated and disappointed with options that I encountered.  Those situations did not work out because they were not suppose to.

So, I pass this advice on to you. “YOU ARE RARE.”  If you didn’t know…now you know.  Don’t accept poor treatment from someone or give your time and energy to someone who does not cherish it.  You are priceless so you can’t be bought.  And you are too special for someone to devalue you.  Never accept less out of desperation.

I did not settle because I am RARE and I know that my RARE match is out there searching for his precious jewel…ME.  Please don’t settle because you are RARE and I know that your RARE match is out there searching for his/her precious jewel…YOU!

Don’t give up on that special love!  You’re worth it;-)


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