Close the Door and Don’t Go Back


Good evening, loves!  This has been on my heart and I feel the need to share this with you.

I don’t know about you but I have this great feeling that amazing things are about to happen…not just for me but for you too;-)  I have been spending a lot of quiet, intimate time with God.  And I spent some time with myself.  I have been feeling this pull that there is more for me to do and greater things to pursue.

Have you been feeling that pull, that discomfort that there is more for you…whether it be changing careers, moving to a new location, going back to school, or whatever that change maybe?  Have you been feeling your dreams and desires overtaking your thoughts?  I have.

It is time to let go of the past and move forward.  Whatever that’s holding you back LET IT GO!  Sometimes we hold on to things and people that are hindering us from our dreams.  Letting go is difficult and I’m not going to paint a picture that it is easy.  But once you learn to how to let go it will get better.  It’s time to close the door to the past and don’t go back.

Let me share my personal experience with you.  Recently, I had to close the door to relationships and other situations.  I started to realize that some people who were trying to get close to me did not have pure motives to be close to me.  Over the years, God has strengthened my discernment about those who have tried to connect with me.   Discernment is that uneasy or unsettling feeling you have about a situation or a person that you can’t seem to shake off.  When you experience this feeling, pay attention to it.  It is meant to protect you.  I began having that uneasiness.  I tried to shake it off and ignore it for a while.  I realized that I was not benefiting from the relationships.  I grew frustrated and agitated because I began to see their true motives.  Just because someone says they are there for you does not mean that they truly are.  It goes beyond action too.  Check the motives behind their actions.  It is absolutely okay to ask why someone is doing things for you.  Relationships are not created to drain or take away from you.  Relationships are designed to enhance and improve our lives.  Don’t linger around wondering if changes are going to occur.  Dr. Maya Angelou said it best, “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”  Close the door and don’t go back!  You have given enough.  You have cried enough.  You have been confused long enough.  God has great friendships and relationships designed for you.  Move forward.

Maybe you’re working at a job where you’re not growing or progressing.  You noticed that those around you are comfortable with where they are.  However, you know that there is more for you to do.  Now is the time to launch out and chase your dreams.  It is important that you invest your time and energy into your purpose…your calling.  Don’t stay in a place that is holding you back.  It’s time to awaken your creativity.  If you’re nervous about leaving because of the security of your job, create a short-term plan in which you can transition to where you want to go.  Begin spending more time developing and cultivating your dream.  Transition and close that door and don’t go back!

I hope and pray that you close whatever door that needs to be closed.  Don’t hesitate and don’t procrastinate!  Your destiny and purpose is at stake.  There are lives waiting on you to be inspired by your gift.  Greatness is calling.  Go for it!  I pray that God gives you the strength to launch out.  I pray God’s guidance and protection as you go forward.  I pray that your dreams will come to pass and that you will discover absolute joy!


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