The Cure for Confidence


What’s up everyone?  As an advocate for empowerment, I absolutely realize that a key factor of having a healthy sense of self (self-esteem)  is confidence.  Confidence is a trait that is not inherited but developed. It would be awesome if every thing that we needed to be better humans was offered in a magic pill or formula.  However, that’s not the case.
I was in a discussion with some women not long ago about how do I stay confident with so many pressures of being a woman.  My response was this…self-acceptance.  I have learned early as woman in her late 20s to accept myself for my flaws and all. I can’t mark the exact day when I started loving myself unconditionally.  I do know that my confidence is shown in how I carry myself, how I dress, how I live, and how I communicate and so on.  Acceptance is a process.  Self-acceptance reminds me that I am human and imperfect. Which is so amazing because that means that there is no one like me.  It is easy to notice those things that I may not like or wish I could change. But at the end of the day, I still dig who I am as a woman. I don’t let the opinions of others dictate how or who I should be.  Start accepting yourself you are the bomb.♡♥♡

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