Channeling Boho Chic

Closet Chic


Hi everyone!  I wanted share this really cute, comfortable, and relaxed outfit I put together last Sunday.  I recently started using my scarves as a head wrap which is a popular trend going on.  I basically played with the scarf a bit and came up with this style.  Since, it’s summertime, this is a cool way to use scarves without having them hang on your neck.  I absolutely love, love, LOVE this outfit.  The colors are very bold and perfect for the summer. I purchased the pieces of the outfit at different times.  Let me break this lovely outfit down for you!

I purchased the scarf at 5.7.9 for $3.50

I purchased the sunglasses from Wet Seal at a buy one get one half off sale for $6

I purchased my top $3.99 and maxi skirt $15.99 at Papaya.

Just a side note: The skirt can be worn high waisted or low waisted

I hope you got some inspiration from the bohemian inspired outfit;-)   ~~B

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