A Sister’s Perspective on Dating Rules

Hey my beautiful people! I have a post written by sister that I want to share about dating rules….


The experts say, “you’re expectations are unrealistic. You’re asking for too much. Don’t lower your standards but readjust them. Do this. Don’t do that.” You get a whiplash looking at all these relationship rules placed in front of you. Trying to figure out who to listen to. What to believe. You have information overload trying to sort through everything to figure out which fits your situation best. So you decide to readjust your standards hoping to get better results than you have in the past. Because obviously your way is very wrong. You try this new method of dating just to find out that it doesn’t work. You end up heartbroken, drained emotionally and physically, frustrated, bitter, confused, and lost. Then you’re stuck trying to figure out what to do next. Whose advice to try next. Whose book to read. Here’s the answer to all of your relationship questions. Find out what you want and the things that you must have in a relationship. Then stick to it. No compromising on those things. We as women tend to date men based on their potential. We see what they could be and date that person instead of the person they truly are. The truth is that most men have potential, but we as women have to choose the man who’s progressively reaching his goals.


Jessica Treadway



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