Finding ME!

What’s up my beautiful people?  It has been too long since I have shared my personal thoughts with you.  Over the past year and a half, I have experienced so many personal challenges that positioned me to accept me. I have witnessed the loss of dear loved ones in which healing and grieving is not easy. I have had to deal with the most difficult of people who have not truly taken an honest look in the mirror and dealt with the demons of their past. People in denial of their state of mind…hiding behind status, materialism, unhappiness, fantasies. I have learned that unhappy people are not comfortable around people who have accepted and love themselves. I have had to confront unhealthy behaviors within the dynamics of the interactions I have had in business, family, acquaintances, work. Some ties have been severed and some dynamics have been forever changed. I have been misunderstood, lied on, and at some points mishandled.

It is not my intention to sound negative because I’m actually better. I have scratched my head wondering if I have been dealt a hand in life where so many test and challenges are common. I have questioned my faith. I have questioned the purpose of my existence. I have been at a constant state of self reflection- talking to God. Trying to get answers out of life.

The only answer I got is ME. In this process, I have discovered more about myself than I could have ever imagined. I have experienced feeling numb to the world. I know what it feels like to be unsure, uncertain. I know what unconditional, unshakable, unwavering love feels like. I know what being hopeful and hopeless feels like. I know how to be at peace inside when everything around is in chaos. I know what it means to be so brave that my fears get scared.

Every negative thing…every obstacle…every rejection…every jealous spirit….every unkind spirit…everything, everything, EVERYTHING!

EVERYTHING has lead me to me.
I am strong, brave, unique, brilliantly amazing, kind, compassionate, loving, tough, gentle, creative, God’s beloved, beautiful.
I no longer apologize for my beauty and mind. If you have a problem with that…talk to my Creator.
What I have is priceless.
I defend who I am and will not let anyone minimize my greatness.
When I speak…I am heard.
No longer will I be silent.
I take pride in my confidence.
I accept my flaws and all…I love being me. Take me as I am…or not. Either way…I’m going to be okay…no GREAT!




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