Flourishing Floral

Hi everyone!

I have a fallen in love with floral prints.  When done right, floral prints are feminine and elegant.  I went to this plus size consignment shop a few weeks ago for an internship I had for a celeb stylist  and found some really great garments for myself and for my internship (I will be sharing all of the pieces with you over the next several days).

I found this really cute floral dress on clearance for $3.  Yes $3!  It was a little loose in the waist but I fixed that by adding an embellished belt from Charming Charlie for $4.99 for church.  I also styled the dress with a black accessories to show options.  The outfit is simple yet fabulously chic.  What do ya think?





3 thoughts on “Flourishing Floral

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  2. Love it! I see so many fashion suggestions on thin teenaged bodies, and I think,”That won’t look anything like THAT on ME!” I have a similar shape to you, and I love the inspiration! You look fantastic.


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