Pretty Ugly Syndrome

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Hi beautiful people! I’ve been thinking a lot about how to address an issue that so people do not deal with properly. It’s the Pretty Ugly Syndrome. It’s a condition when people focus most of their time on working on their outward appearance and neglect working on their spirit, character, and mind. People with Pretty Ugly Syndrome look good but are not kind, self-absorbed, and mean.

It absolutely fine to look good and feel good. However, it is not good or healthy to be ugly on the inside. The title of my blog begins with “lovely”. I purposely begin with lovely because it is more important to have a kind and loving spirit. I like fashion, but it is just an extension of my creativity.

I want to encourage you to do some self-reflection on what you are investing your time and energy on. Focus on creating a balance of being beautiful on the inside and outside. It is possible. Take time to give back to others, read a self-help book, or learn a new skill. Allow inner your inner beauty to grow and it will radiate outwardly. Deal with the Pretty Ugly Syndrome so that it won’t limit yourself positive love, relationships, and opportunities.





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