Healthy Love is Worth Waiting For


I found this meme and added it to my album of memes that brings me  encouragement and laughs for days.  I like to see and hear things that reminds me that I am making the best decisions for myself.  I have made it my mission to not settle for a relationship for the sake of being with someone.  I have seen too many beautiful women chose to be with someone who were not deserving of their time.  I have heard women accept infidelity, abuse, and down right disrespect as part of their relationship.  Why?  They desire love and security that healthy relationships give. But stay in a toxic relationship hoping that things will change.
I have made the decision to not let my desire for healthy relationship drive me into desperation to settle. I’ve done it before a few years ago, but I refused to do it again. I want God’s best for me…I sure hope you do too? In my time of waiting, I am just enjoying this journey.

Much love,


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