A Fresh Start

Happy Sunday beautiful people! Today has been a really chill day.  I have spent the last few weeks of 2014 getting my house in order literally and figuratively.  Since moving back into my home last year. I made changes on the inside and outside.  A fresh start.  Painting and repairing.   During that time, changes were going with me inside and out.  I’m starting this new year 16 pounds lighter.  My skin is clearer.  My heart is lighter.  My spirit is at peace.  I will share later about my process. 

Today, I’m in my creative room repairing clothes listening to “Nothing Even Matters” by Lauren Hill.  I’m taking this time to relax and enjoy this moment sewing and listening to music.   I’m making time to just relax. 

Take time to relax and enjoy things that make you happy!

Much love,




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