Travel Diaries: I Miss Thee, New Orleans

What’s up beautiful people? I hope life is treating you well. I have been frozen in my home for the past few days due to an ice storm. I have had some time to travel down memory lane . New Orleans has been on my mind, especially since Mardi Gras festivities have just past. I’m hoping to visit this year.  In 2013, Jess and I went to New Orleans after Mardi Gras. I absolutely loved the city. This city is filled with so much history, culture, art, food, and music. The architecture is beautiful and colorful. We went on tour of the city that gave us a lot of history facts about everything.  The French Quarter and the cemetery was interesting. To my fellow nerds,  there are a lot opportunities to learn. We went to the Degas House that was literally split into two parts due to the divide of a family. Impressionistic painter Edgar Degas is a part of this family and he painted in this house. A native suggested that I go to Magazine Street to check out the fashion boutiques. I did and I enjoyed seeing the fashions of the area. When it comes to dining out, I was told to avoid restaurants that had words like “river”, “creole”, or “Cajun” because the food is more commercialized.  I was told to go to restaurants that ended in an apostrophe s (like Antoine’s).   I am looking forward to going back to New Orleans. I wanted to share some pictures of our brief time there.


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