New Lippie: Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick


You know my favorite type of cosmetic item is lipstick. I purchased a new line of lipstick called Matte Lipstick by Ruby Kisses. I a huge fan of Ruby Kisses nail polishes because they are really vibrant and inexpensive. I got that the lipstick for $2.99 at a local beauty supply store. You get this particular lipstick online and at beauty supply stores.


The color I got is called Dark Plum Scene. I would say that I really like the coverage. It a very rich brown. The lipstick goes on smooth and it is more creamy compared to another matte lippie brand that I have. I did a small touch up the day I wore it. I will definitely be trying other colors. Talk to you all later!

XOXO Brandi



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