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Okay, so where do I start? Well we’ll start with my dating life. Let’s just say that my dating life has been non-existent, or maybe even on life support. I live in a very rural area and the dating options here are less than desirable. I decided that online dating would be the best route for me to go considering how the dating pool is here in the middle of nowhere. Of course I was a little skeptical and uneasy about it at first, but I decided to try it out anyways. More recently I’ve been opening up to the idea of dating outside of my race. I’ve always been attracted to guys outside of my race but have never dated them. Anywho, I decided to try out this interracial dating site called Afroromance. I found out about it through a general internet search. It’s pretty easy to set up a profile, and it’s free to join. Unlike Eharmony, you are able to view other’s profiles and their picture. The down side is that you have to pay to see who has view your profile, who’s favored you, and to send a message to a person of interest. I personally haven’t had any luck with connecting with anyone since being on this dating site. Mind you, I’ve only had my profile for a little over a month. Most of the guys that flirt with me or message me either aren’t the least bit attractive or they are way past my age bracket. Since I’m sort of new to online dating, I’m not quite sure how long it takes to connect with someone you’re interested in, but I’ll wait it out for a bit more and see what happens. For anyone interested in trying out this dating website, here is the link:



3 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. I had some success with eharmony. They hooked me up with an interesting artist. I’ve always dated all races, but my family is supportive. I think most people stay in their race or religion because of their family’s opinions. I wouldn’t judge men by their profile pic because guys don’t think like women and try to “market”
    themselves, they think a terrible selfie is a great idea! Go on one date with anyone remotely acceptable, then decide! I met my husband by asking my coworkers to introduce me to someone. Have fun and listen to your gut instinct. A lot of women who are used to being intellectual overthink and have trouble just playing like a kid again! ❤️💕


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