Tess Holliday: Eff Your Beauty Standards


There has been this movement over the past few years of women of all races, shapes, and sizes embracing themselves  and not allowing society’s standard of beauty to define their beauty.  One thing I love about social media is that it provides a platform for us women to celebrate each other and our beauty.

I have been following groups and people who have a body positive approach to beauty. My take being body positive means having a healthy mindset about how you see and believe in yourself. It means loving yourself where you are even if you are not a size 4 or have a six pack belly. I do believe that being body positive is making the best and healthiest choices for yourself. I ran into plus-sized model Tess Holliday on instagram. She also goes by Tess Munster. She has a movement called #effyourbeautystandards. She embraces her body and shares her challenges and triumphs being a full-figured women. She has a inspired so many women to accept themselves. She has managed to create her own definition of a model…she’s 5’4 which is not the typical height for models. I wanted to highlight this beautiful woman. Her journey and beauty is inspirational.


Photo courtesy of Monifc.com


Photo courtesy of Monifc.com

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