Closet Chic Throwback: Simple and Sexy


Hey everyone!  I wanted to share one of my favorite go to summer looks.  This look was about two summers ago but still wear it.  So, it’s a throwback.  I have had these palazzo pants for several years now and I love how they flow and sway.  They are great for summer weather because the are cool, light, and comfortable.  I usually pair these pants with a cute tank or a cute top.  I love wearing this salmon colored off the shoulder top because it’s goes well with the pants.  I like wearing off the shoulder top because they are sexy without being too revealing.  I usually wear this belt with these pants.

The pants and belt are from Cato Fashions.  The pants were $15 and the belt was $2.99.

I like wearing my hair in braids or twist because I wear high buns quite often because it’s sleek and great for summer to stay cool.

Thanks for reading!  Let me know what you think of the throwback!

Talk to you soon,




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