Caftan Turned Kimono Cardigan


Hi everyone!

It’s been over due for a DIY sewing project and I wanted to share a recent project I have  done.  I’ve been slightly obsessed with kimono cardigans.  So one day, it came to me to that I could make a kimono using a caftan.   I found this really cute caftan from Ross ($8.99).


It was fairly simple to make.   I laid the caftan flat on a table and cut a straight line down the middle.



I then folded and pinned both sides of the fabric where I cut and sewed down the hem of each side.


Here’s the final result.




My tank top ($1.90) and jeans ($9.80) are from Forever 21+. My shoes are from Rue 21 ($6.00).

This kimono has been multifunctional. I have used it as a cover up for swimming and to wear around the house as an alternative to my fleece house coat. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Be on the look out for more of my DIY projects.


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