I’m About That Bob Life…Temporarily

Hey lovelies!

So for those of you who follow my blog, you know that I switch up my hairstyles quite often.  So, I have been wearing a crochet protective style to protect my hair and it’s super convenient.   I love the big hair but it’s too hot in Tennessee and I’m itching to try something new.   So,  I cut my protective style into a bob.  This has allowed me to have a new hairstyle without having to cut my real hair and continue to protect it for a while longer.







What do you think?

Talk to you soon, loves!  Happy weekend 🙂

XOXO Brandi


9 thoughts on “I’m About That Bob Life…Temporarily

    • It is confusing. The hairstyle that I am wearing is made of synthetic curly hair that is crocheted to my real hair. I take a latch hook needle and tie a special knot around my hair that is braided to my scalp. It looks natural but it’s not. It’s not a weave though. If you go on YouTube and search crochet hair you’ll see so many black women using this style. I hope I didn’t confuse you.


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