My Life in Crisis 


Suicide, depression, psychosis, self – mutilation,  trauma,  abuse, homicidal thoughts are just a few situations that I encounter on a daily basis with children and adolescents.  I spend countless hours in emergency rooms, schools, homes, and  hospitals responding to crisis.  If I am not assessing, I am on the road or doing a lot of paperwork. Over the past few months, I have been adjusting to my new role as a crisis counselor.  This is why I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis like I normally do.  I want to send  a  special shout out to a blog sister of mine who actually reached out to me recently because of my hiatus.  Thanks  Hil for checking on a sister…please go support and follow her


I wanted to share my look from yesterday. The goal for my crisis style is to be professional and chic.  I make sure that I am comfortable so, no heels allowed. So, I rely on cute sandals and flats. My outfit is from Rainbow plus. I recently got my pants for $7. My beaded necklace is from Walmart $3.


I got this tote last spring from TJ Maxx $24.99. I needed something that was professional and efficient for what I have to do. It holds a lot. I found this cute little key chain at a fundraiser. It adds a little flair to tote.



I have been wearing my hair in Havana twist. They are super convenient for my busy schedule. I wore some pink lipstick to add a little life to my face when I don’t have time or energy to add any other makeup.


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