The Sophisticated Professional



Hey beautiful people!

Sundays are usually the days I take advantage of being super fly.  I pull out my heels or stilettos that I don’t wear throughout the week.  Yesterday, I felt like adding a little sophistication and professionalism to my style.

What I Wore

A black, sleeveless jumpsuit that has a tie belt $25.

 A pastel pink blazer that I got from the Goodwill for $.99.

Leopard print booties from Rainbow $20.

Statement neckless from Wal-Mart $5.

My earrings are from Old Navy $1.99.


By the way, my sunglasses and jumpsuit are items from my online boutique!  I am adding some finishing touches to the boutique but those of you following my blog will be the first to know when it launches.  I really liked how the look came together. Your girl was on her grown women ish yesterday!

Talk to you soon, lovelies!



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