A Texture and Print Kinda Day!

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Happy Monday, blogosphere!

Welp!  Here’s my first fashion post of the year!   Yesterday, finally felt like winter…25 degrees and a sprinkle of snow on the ground.  In the south, a sprinkle of snow and freezing temps are a big deal.  I finally pulled out my winter coat.  I chose to mix a few prints and textures for winter, church ensemble.  I got my dress for  $7.

The fun thing about textured clothes is that some of them have their own unique design which is why I really like my coat. Literally everything about my ensemble is either textured or printed from my hair down to my booties.





Outfit details: Dress (Rainbow), coat (JC Penney), tights (Wal-Mart), booties  (Shoe Carnival),  necklace  (Cato), clutch  (Burkes Outlet), cuff bracelet  (random beauty supply store), and my ring/earrings  (my sister’s room ).

Thanks for reading!  Talk to you soon!

♡♡♡♡Brandi ♡♡♡♡

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