Closet Chic: All About Flannel and Plaid


Happy Tuesday!

I really like dressing up for the winter months.  I like the texture and softness of the clothes made for cool weather.  I found this lightweight flannel plaid cardigan  ($17.99)at Cato.  I wore it over a black jumpsuit.  I like the waterfall design of this cardigan and the fringe.  I belted the my cardigan with a belt ($2.99) from Cato and my clutch ($10.99) is from Cato as well.  I am pleasantly surprised with the variety with Cato’s plus size options.  What I have found is that Cato uses the same designs for the regular and plus sizes.


My hair is styled in a flat twist out which is one of my favorite natural hair styles.

I could not find my cardigan, belt, and clutch on the Cato website.  I purchased my things in the store in the clearance sections.

Here are links for  cardigans similar to mine here and here.

Here is a  link for the clutch here.



Thank you for reading and I hope that have found some style inspiration!

XOXO Brandi

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