Head Wrap and Faux Locs


Happy Monday beautiful people!

I have been rocking a new protective hairstyle over the past month.  I really like my faux locks.  So,  on Saturday wanted to be comfy and chic while I was out and about.  I made a head wrap out of a kimono scarf.    I enjoy head wraps during warm weather months.


My entire outfit, from head to toe, is from Rainbow.  I love my orange t-shirt dress.  It’s flowy and flattering for my curves.  I flaunting my legs…I say yay to thick thighs…lol!  My sandals are structured for comfort and support which is great for those who suffer with flat feet issues like me.  My handbag is from JustFab.


I look forward to sharing more head wraps this spring and summer!


XOXO Brandi


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