Burnout & Venting


Good day, beautiful people!

I really miss blogging. And I want to take a moment to be transparent and vent. My life as a crisis counselor has pretty much dominated my life.  Over the past few months, there has been a spike in the number of children going into crisis.  I literally feel pushed to the max.  Outside of the piles of paperwork and the countless hours of driving to a crisis, I have the responsibility of making serious decisions about what is  best course of action to help the child and their family.

It’s difficult explain to parents that their child needs to go to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated. I hear and see so many heartbreaking and disturbing things that I have nightmares about them. I have encountered negative and sometimes unethical helping professionals who give those of us who do what we’re supposed to do a bad name. To be honest, I have seen more negative than positive in the workplace. It irritates me to see people who are supposed to help others have no genuine concern about people. They literally make my skin crawl because they are the most judgmental, insensitive, and power hungry.

The longer I work in the mental health. The more I question if I should keep doing this. I’ve been burnt out before and I took a hiatus for over a year and a half just to find myself and take care of myself. I enjoy being able to help others. And when I did “talk” therapy, I loved being able to be a part of my clients’ healing process. Helping others comes naturally for me which is great. The challenge for me is that I don’t help myself as much as I should.

Self-care is one of those things I have to literally fight for. I have found out that companies do a poor job with supporting helping professionals. I have gained too much weight for my comfort and health as a result of work. My body has been suffering as a result of my high stress job. I had a conversation recently that those working in my field are over worked and under paid.

I recently transitioned to part time and do my assessments via the Internet. I have been transitioning to a vegan diet and I work out more. I also get more needed rest.

Has anyone been burnt out? What did you do to recover?

Thanks for the vent session!

Much love,


Here are a few photos on my journey as a crisis road warrior!




9 thoughts on “Burnout & Venting

  1. You are awesome and you deserve to feel better! It is okay to make yourself into a blanket burrito from time to time, too, when you feel overwhelmed. I was taught Do Not Retreat from Life, but the hiding out and resting can be just the thing sometimes! Again, contrary to what I was taught.

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  2. Also, have your vitamin D checked. People of color need MORE sun than pale folks because their skin has stronger defenses. If you don’t have enough sun, you feel crummy. You can take a pill, if you have too, for more vitamin D, and this change REALLY helped my emotional health.

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  3. I could give you a million tips because my healing from Hashimotos was also largely healing from burn out. I recommend dirt. No joke. Gardening. Yard work. Hiking. Going barefoot. We are learning that we have neurons in our stomach, and we NEED healthy bacteria in order to balance our own emotional health. The stressed/depressed brain can be improved by healthy bacteria that you get from the natural world. This goes against all we were taught, but I’m telling you, DIRT!
    Also, laughter. If you can make time for laughing with friends over dinner regularly, this is huge.
    Also, your spirituality. Does prayer, church, meditation make you feel better? Try it and consciously test how you feel before and after.
    Hope that helps! You are doing heroic work!

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    • Thanks, Hil! It’s so funny that you mentioned dirt. I have been prepping my yard for a vegetable garden. I bought like several hundred pounds of topsoil to fill in my backyard. I’ve been practicing mindfulness. I’ve been fasting for spiritual healing and guidance. I listen to a lot of Inspirational messages when I workout. I use to do it a lot. I’ve just recently tried to do yoga which reminds me that I am not as flexible as I use to be. I’ve been taking evening primrose oil and st. John’s wort as natural supplements. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my body.

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  4. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to carry and help the burden of others! One of my good friends is a therapist who sees another therapist because she feels the same way you do. But thank you for being that person in the world – the person who has such a difficult job but takes the time to listen and care and understand children who need it.

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  5. I should have guessed you are in Kentucky. I live there too, and my husband works with child services, so I feel the pain. As a teacher, I get burnt out so easily, but I took some time and limit myself to 40 hours. Otherwise I get so bitter, I can’t do anything. Limit your time at work, and make sure your YOU time is really for you.

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    • Hi Beth! I live in Tennessee but the route that I had to go took me through Kentucky. I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone in how I feel. I am working on having uninterrupted me time. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement:-)


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