Sunday’s Best




Hey,  people!

I am back with another post for you.  So, this Sunday I rocked a $5.99 dress I got from the Goodwill.  I LOVE this dress!  The print and the silhouette are EVERYTHING!  The colors remind me of Fall and Halloween.  You know I love color.


I initially replaced the original tie belt for a belt I have in the closet.  I am glad I decided to wear the tie belt because sometimes less is more.  I wore one of my favorite pair of booties that are a great transition into Fall which I got from Rue 21 ($6).


As you can see, I kept my accessories simple.  My beaded turquoise necklace is from Wal-Mart ($3).   I also wore the bracelet I wore in my last post.


I rocked my Ruby Kisses matte lipstick, and I rocked my crochet wig that I made last year.  I am looking forward to rocking this dress this Fall for business, work, and church!  FYI, my whole look is $15…Yesss for slaying on a budget!

Talk to you soon

XOXO Brandi


Juicing Juice


Hello everyone!

I’ve been focused on my health and I’ve recently started making my own juice after watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” on Netflix along with other documentaries regarding health.  I must say that I enjoy making the juice, but it has been a  challenge drinking it because of how it looks.  The taste is tolerable for the most part.  So, I have to use the juice in my smoothies to get past the look.

One thing I have noticed with using the raw juice is that my energy is up and I’m not as bloated in my belly.

Here is juicer that I have.


If anyone has any tips or suggestions about juicing please share.  Talk to you soon!

xoxo Brandi

Burnout & Venting


Good day, beautiful people!

I really miss blogging. And I want to take a moment to be transparent and vent. My life as a crisis counselor has pretty much dominated my life.  Over the past few months, there has been a spike in the number of children going into crisis.  I literally feel pushed to the max.  Outside of the piles of paperwork and the countless hours of driving to a crisis, I have the responsibility of making serious decisions about what is  best course of action to help the child and their family.

It’s difficult explain to parents that their child needs to go to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated. I hear and see so many heartbreaking and disturbing things that I have nightmares about them. I have encountered negative and sometimes unethical helping professionals who give those of us who do what we’re supposed to do a bad name. To be honest, I have seen more negative than positive in the workplace. It irritates me to see people who are supposed to help others have no genuine concern about people. They literally make my skin crawl because they are the most judgmental, insensitive, and power hungry.

The longer I work in the mental health. The more I question if I should keep doing this. I’ve been burnt out before and I took a hiatus for over a year and a half just to find myself and take care of myself. I enjoy being able to help others. And when I did “talk” therapy, I loved being able to be a part of my clients’ healing process. Helping others comes naturally for me which is great. The challenge for me is that I don’t help myself as much as I should.

Self-care is one of those things I have to literally fight for. I have found out that companies do a poor job with supporting helping professionals. I have gained too much weight for my comfort and health as a result of work. My body has been suffering as a result of my high stress job. I had a conversation recently that those working in my field are over worked and under paid.

I recently transitioned to part time and do my assessments via the Internet. I have been transitioning to a vegan diet and I work out more. I also get more needed rest.

Has anyone been burnt out? What did you do to recover?

Thanks for the vent session!

Much love,


Here are a few photos on my journey as a crisis road warrior!




Who Am I: Rachel Dolezal


This photo was retrieved from Instagram

Hello everyone!

I have been torn about this unfolding story about Rachel Dolezal.  She is the white woman who has been identifying and living as a black woman.  She has made physical adjustments to herself to look black. I won’t be retelling what has been told about her.  I really would like to dialogue about her and shed light on some of messages we could get from this situation. 

I have had some time to think about it.  At first, I felt like the story was getting more attention than it should.  But after more information was revealed by Rachel and the media, I began to feel confused and sad for this woman.  From a mental health standpoint, she could have some dissociative issues, trauma, or some other psychological disorder.  As a black woman who has experienced more than enough racial injustice and prejudices, I felt somewhat disrespected that she would create stories of being racially disenfranchised all of her life. If you have never experienced it , it is not something to make light of or to fabricate such experiences.  However, I do appreciate her tenacity in advocating for the equality of the black race.  However, I am sad that she denies her heritage and her race. As a black woman, I am proud to be black. There are some serious issues that concern me about my race as a whole, but not once have I desired to be anything but black.

With that being said, I genuinely hope that she finds resolution within herself and possibly her family because there obviously is some underlying and unresolved issues. One thing I can take from this situation is that we can truly appreciate and learn from another culture or race different from our own. I personally have learned more about myself just by getting to know people who didn’t look, think, or believed like me. Many times we share similar interests and we learn something new.

Rachel’s experience opens dialogue about racial identity. She is not the only person who desires to be black. There are people of all shades who deny their racial background for different reasons and desire to be another race. I know some people may appreciate or find more connectivity to some cultures than their own. There are some men and women who totally dig African American culture from hairstyles to music. Many don’t deny their heritage and race while enjoying another.

Is Rachel’s physical transformation and racial identity change a result of a young woman who grew up with a strong admiration for African American culture and its people that went too far? Does she suffer from trauma or some other psychological disorder that causes her to cope and thrive better as a black woman?

Share your thoughts if you have any.