Closet Chic

Rompers in the Fall

Hi everyone! Rompers are not just for summer.  I found some really nice Rompers that can be worn in the cooler months. Here are some tips for wearing rompers in the cooler months: 1. Wear cute tights to cover your legs if it’s too chilly. 2. Add a blazer or cardigan if your romper is […]


Classic Black and White

Hey, everyone! I have been away from my blog due to technical problems but I had to share this outfit with you. Black and white are classic colors and can be a lot of fun to play with in fashion. I kept this outfit very simple for church with a thrifted blazer ($2.00), a white […]


Ending the Summer BOLDLY

I believe that clothes and fashion allow you to express yourself. Fashion is a creative outlet for when I can’t write, draw, paint, sew, or sing. Since I have to wear clothes every day, I might as well take advantage of the opportunity. I love bold, bright colors. I found this strapless mullet dress from […]