Military Chic: Thrifty Edition

Closet Chic

It has been awhile since I have posted and I hope all is well with you!  There has been so much going on this year.  I will definitely update you all later.  Last fall, I purchased this absolutely, fabulous military inspired dress from a thrift store for an amazing price of $6.  YES 6 bucks:-)  I love selecting pieces that are unique and simple.  This particular dress is charcoal gray with black and gold details on it.   This dress is extremely comfortable and versatile.  On one occasion, I paired this dress with with some gold pumps which added a little sexiness to the dress.  I purchased the black and gold earrings for $1 at a local beauty supply store.  My dress and accessories totaled under $10….Now that’s what I call “chic for cheap”.

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Closet Chic: Closet Shopping Challenge

Closet Chic, Inspiration

Happy New Year!  I hope your holiday season was great and blessed!  This year I don’t have any resolutions. I just want to give this year my absolute best.  I do have a challenge for myself.  The challenge involves me not buying any clothes this year unless it is absolutely necessary.  During the holidays, I went through my closet to take out clothes and shoes that I don’t wear.  I realized that I have some garments that I have neglected.  Which means that I am guilty of having too many clothes.  So, I made the decision to not purchase anymore garments in 2013 and be creative with what I already have.  Let’s see how that goes:-)

So, this was my outfit for the last Sunday of 2012.  I haven’t worn this shirt in a few years. It’s absolutely fab and I bought it at a fab price (Walmart $5).  My skirt is actually a sleeveless dress that came with a matching jacket (Ross $19.99).  I actually gave the jacket away because it’s not my style.  The belt I had on came with a sweater dress from JC Penney ($14).  My turquoise pumps came from Charlotte Russe for $15.  I was able take pieces from different outfits to create a new one.  I hope you find inspiration in your closet:-)

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Military Chic

Closet Chic, Natural Hair

I have definitely been slacking on my fashion photos.  A few weeks ago, I picked this outfit for my sister. What do you think?

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The outfit:

Jacket: Sear’s, $15

Pencil Skirt:  Rainbow’s, $5

Boots:  Shoe Rack, $19.99

Wooden Earrings: Local Beauty Supply Store, $1.50

Closet Chic: Sunday Wear 10-14-12

Closet Chic

Hi Everyone!  As promise, I am sharing some of my fashion sense.  I love dresses and that’s what I usually wear on Sundays. Here’s what I wore this past Sunday..let me know what you think!

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Dress: Cato, $14.99

Shoes: Rue 21, $7

Clutch purse: Sears, $2.99

Necklace/earrings: Cato, $1.99 each

Ring: Walmart, $1