Cold Sore Treatment

I’ve been suffering from cold sore outbreaks since I was a little girl. Cold sores are very uncomfortable and unattractive. You’ve seen the commercials where the person with an outbreak is embarrassed and wants to hide. Well, in some ways, cold sores can make you feel that way. For me, I get them at the most inconvenient times. For instance, I’ll get them when I have a major event to attend or when meeting up with a friend that I haven’t seen in awhile. Cold sores can make you feel really self conscious.

For years I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to find ways to treat and prevent them from occurring.  A few years ago, I thought that I had finally found a solution in the product Abreva. I found it at Walmart for about $17. The package said that if applied to the cold sore early on, it would prevent a full blown outbreak from occurring. It also promises that it works better than an other product that is on the market. The instructions for its application is to apply the product no more than five times a day. The issue I had with Abreva is that it never consistently worked. Sometimes it would and sometimes it wouldn’t. I didn’t want to continue paying that much for a product that is about the size of my pinky finger, and that work at random times.

So, about a month ago, I found another product at Walmart that claimed to treat cold sores. It was almost half the price of Abreva. I tried it an it works within a small period of time after applying it to the cold sore. It’s cheaper, only has to be applied once, and has worked consistently. So for anyone who maybe suffering from cold sore outbreaks I suggest that you try the cold sore treatment by OraLabs. You can find it at Walmart for $9.88. You only get 2 grams of product for that price, but it is well worth it. I’ve posted a picture below of the how it looks.



Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Product Line Review


Hello lovelies,

I started using some products from the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Line back in November of 2014 after I cut my hair.  I am actually impressed with all of the products that I have used, because I have tried other natural hair care product lines and was under-whelmed with some of the products.  This hair care line advertises for not using chemicals with sulfates (harsh soap), silicones (coats hair strands), parabens (preservative), and mineral oil (heavy oil).  I will briefly review each product.

The sulfate-free cleansing shampoo is great.  It removes buildup and cleans my hair without my hair feeling stripped or dry.  One thing that I noticed about this shampoo is that my hair had curl definition.


I like the conditioner because my hair feels really soft and manageable.  I like to sit under my bonnet dryer so that the conditioner can penetrate my hair shafts.


I really like this leave-in conditioner.  It’s thick and creamy.  It keeps my curls defined when I do my twist outs.  I like to use it as a daily moisturizer when my hair feels dry.


I really like this co-wash.  It does a great job cleaning and conditioning my hair at the same time.  What I normally do is massage the co-washing on my scalp and hair then rinse it out as a shampoo.  Then, I put some more on my hair for a few minutes for some conditioning. I rinse it out, put some leave-in conditioner in, and style.  This co-wash is great!  I was really impressed.


Be on the look out for more product reviews and hair care tip!


Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick: A Purple Affair


Hey lovelies,

I am here to do a review on my Ruby Kisses lipstick Purple Affair.  I love the boldness of the color. Jessica wore it first and got a lot of positive feedback at work.  I had to capture the color on her. 


I really like how smooth it goes on.  If you ever try this brand, make sure that you do not put any chapstick on before applying the lipstick.  It will not come on as smooth.  I conditioned my lips but I wiped away the oil before applying.  FYI the I paid  $2.99 for this color. 

OPI Nail Experience: Nail Lacquer and GelColor

Hello everyone!

I feel as though I have been away from the blog.  Over the weekend, I was out-of-town for  a wedding to support my sister, the bridesmaid, and help our friend out for the wedding.   I had a chance to get a manicure and pedicure.  This particular salon has primarily OPI nail products.  Since I haven’t used OPI products before, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try them out and share my experience with them.  I chose to try a Nail Lacquer for my toes and the gel for my fingers.

Let’s start with the GelColor I chose–You’re Such a Budapest


I was told that the gel would last up for about 3 weeks with no chipping or anything by several people.  The gel chipped the same day I got my nails done. I have to say that the color of the gel was not as bright as the color of the cap but I thought the softness of the purple was still pretty.  I do have a disclaimer.  The nail tech did not do a great job of removing all of my polish and she did a poor job of applying the gel.  Another stylist had to redo my pedicure.  My sister got a mani using a OPI gelcolor and her gel peeled four days later using another tech who did a great job with her manicure.  Here’s my nails after three days of wear.  My thumbs were completely free any gel at this point due to peeling and chipping.



Now to the lacquer–Got a Date To Knight


The color was really pretty and soft.  My concern with this lacquer is that it was too sheer even after applying several coats to my toenails.  I am not a fan of sheer colors because the polish doesn’t look even.

I must say that I was underwhelmed with the polishes especially for the price $6-10 for the lacquer and $19 for the gel. I definitely am interested in trying other brand gels nail colors.


Small Beauty Haul

Hey everyone!

I recently made a quick trip to a local beauty supply store and Dollar Tree for a beauty items.


I got L.A. Color nail polishes (glitter and white) from Dollar Tree. My earrings were from the beauty supply store for $1.49.


Beauty supply item

I plan on doing the castor oil challenge soon I got it for $6.99.


I got another Ruby Kisses Matte lippie for $2.99. Be on the lookout for reviews.

XO Brandi