DIY Beauty: Homemade Sweet Oatmeal Mask & Acne Update


Hey lovelies!

I wanted to share an oatmeal mask concoction I made last week just playing around in the kitchen. If you’ve been following my blog I have been finding alternative natural beauty and health remedies. I had some leftover grounded oatmeal and made a mask to soothe and pamper my skin.  Oatmeal helps  clear blemishes , even skin tone, and it helps skin retain moisture.

Here’s what I used and the process:

1. Oatmeal- about half a cup.  I didn’t measure exactly.
2. Then I added maple syrup, brown and white sugar. I’ve used sugar to exfoliate my skin.




3. I added water to mix everything and then I heated the mix for 30 seconds.

I added more water to create a paste than would be easy to spread and to cool the mask a bit.


4. I put the warm mask on my face for about 20 minutes. The warm mask felt really good. Then rinse it off.  If the mask is too thick just throw the chunks away.  My skin felt soft.



Be on the look out how I cleared my acne prone skin.  I am going to do a thorough break down of what I did from a holistic approach.  This was my skin at its absolute worst.  It looks pretty bad and it felt even worse. I know there are others who have dealt with or are continuing to deal with moderate to severe acne.  There is hope!  I learned how to listen to my body and did a lot of research.

DIY Home and Beauty in Kitchen


Since I have been cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, I ran into a few dry food items that have expired…tea and oatmeal. I didn’t want them to go to waste. So, I did some research.  I will sharing what I have been doing over the past few weeks. 

I made some more changes incorporating natural products to my beauty and cleaning regimens.  I am excited to be sharing with you as well.  Be on the lookout!

Talk to you soon!

Migraine Relief

During my senior year in undergrad, 2011, I began suffering from migraine headaches. I hadn’t experienced them previously and had no family history of them. Initially, I had no clue that it was a migraine headache. I assumed it was normal headache and decided to take Ibuprofen to make it go away. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, so I decided to Google headaches and saw that some of the symptoms I was experiencing matched those of a migraine headache. I went to the store and bought Excedrin Migraine medicine and found relief using it. Fast forward to a few years later….the Excedrin still relieved me from headaches, but I started noticing that I would experience nausea after taking. After a brief Google search, I found some natural ways to relieve migraine headaches and decided to try some. The first thing I tried was caffeinated coffee. I noticed that if I drank some in the morning, I wouldn’t experience a migraine at all during the day. Also, if I drank some when I experience a headache, it would go away about five minutes after I drank it. So, I began drinking a cup or two every morning. Unfortunately, I have a low tolerance for caffeine and would feel jittery throughout the day. I hated the feeling and decided to find another alternative. I remembered reading that green tea is good for migraines as well and decided to try it. I purchased some organic green tea. It had a smaller dose of caffeine than the coffee did, so I was able to drink it without feeling jittery. For me, the green tea starts to relieve my migraines anywhere from five to ten minutes after drinking it. So for now, I’m going to continue using organic green tea to relieve my migraine headaches. The key ingredient in stopping the headache is the caffeine. If you’ve found these methods to be useful or have any suggestions then comment and let me know!


A little Bit of Everything Smoothie


Hey everyone!

So, I was going through what I had in my refrigerator to make a smoothie.  I used cranberries, carrots, kale, bananas, blackberries, and oatmeal.  I also used some grape juice as well.  I have a recipe book that suggested using oatmeal in smoothies.  The smoothie actually tasted pretty good, but consistency was like apple sauce.  I’m not sure why, but maybe next time I can blend it longer.


Green Smoothie


Hi everyone!
I wanted share another smoothie that I made.  I used fresh kiwis, blackberries, bananas, kale, and a teaspoon of flaxseed.  This smoothie tasted really good.   I am enjoying trying out different smoothies.