Resurrection Sunday


Happy Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter!  No matter how we celebrate this day, enjoy! As a Christian, this day is so special and sacred to me. I am so grateful for the beautiful sacrifice of Christ. I am grateful that I am forgiven, loved unconditionally, and have a life of abundance. My prayer and hope is that you have peace and joy on this day and every other day!


New Year


Happy New Year, beautiful people!

It’s officially 2016! It seems 2015 flew by. I have grown so much that it’s amazing.  I hope that you have grown in wisdom, peace, and happiness.  I have learned how to find beauty in the most challenging situations.

I believe that 2016 is filled with so many amazing things, opportunities, beautiful encounters with beautiful people, and an abundance of blessings.  I want to thank all of my readers and followers for showing so much love over the past few years!  I am ecstatic about sharing more with you!

With sincerest regards,