Let’s Talk…Therapy

I don’t know if you’ve every received help from a counselor, therapist, or psychologist.  I don’t know if you’re for it or against it.  One thing I know is that at some point in our lives we face challenges or circumstances that effect us…death, relationship issues, stress, and a lot of other situations.  As a mental health provider,  I do encourage you to utilize services such as counseling because it’s helpful.  I understand the idea of sharing your personal information with a total stranger can be very uncomfortable (if it makes you feel better, my sister calls us therapist professional secret keepers…lol).  You don’t know if you will be judged or labeled be as “crazy”.  No you will not be judged and NO you will not be called crazy.  I’ve told clients that if you hold stuff in and don’t get it out that it can drive you crazy…but you are not crazy.  If you have lived long enough, life will provide you with pretty crazy experiences that can stress you out (trust me, I know).   Sometimes, talking about our experiences such as abuse or loss can be very tough.  It is easy to hold it in and protect yourself from reliving the pain.

Therapy is a process that should begin and continue with a relationship with a client and mental health provider.  Let me be clear, the relationship should be therapeutic which means that your therapist should provide support and earn your trust to guide you in creating a healthy changes in your life through education, techniques, and exercises.  So, your therapist cannot be your lover, best friend, and etc it is illegal and unethical. I also must add that every therapist may not be a good fit.  Just like any other service provider such as doctors, hair stylists, teachers, etc….just because you may not like one doctor doesn’t mean  that all doctors may not work well with you.  If you do give therapy a try, REALLY give it a try:-)

I know that everyone will not go to counseling and that is okay.  I encourage you to find someone that you trust when things are tough whether it be a friend, relative, spiritual leader, or counselor.  It is important to talk and share; don’t carry your burdens alone.  If you every have a question or concerns feel free contact me for consulting.  I am here to serve and give advice.

Be blessed because you truly are.


***Disclaimer: I am not offering online therapy sessions.  I offer consultation and I will provide you with the proper resources to get you the help you need.****

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