About L.M.C.

So you maybe wondering why I chose the name lovely,multifaceted,  and chic for my blog?  Hopefully my explanation is short, simple, and to the point fingers crossed:-)


Lovely.  Inspiring love or affection. Having beauty that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye. These descriptions of lovely is what I hope that I embody and strive for each day.  I feel that it is important that I am lovely…most importantly because I am created by a the lovely Creator and I want to reflect who He is…because God is love (1 John 4:8). This is why I have coined the name for myself as TruBeauty because I believe that true beauty comes from within and should radiate without.  I love looking good…sassy and chic (which I will get to soon)! I have observed that the world is already full of physically beautiful people who a have poor self-image, a shallow mindset, vain, and down right evil.  So, I make a conscious effort to invest a majority of my time and energy being lovely inwardly by spending time with God, praying, forgiving, and most of all loving….

Multifaceted.  This so describes me…from my interest, hobbies, music, my fashion sense, etc. So, here are some words that I found on multifaceted at  thesaurus.com that stood out to me are a many-sided subject, well-rounded, skillful, versatile, resourceful, and talented; each of these definitions of multifaceted truly describe who I am as a person.  In undergrad, I studied and got degrees in science and psychology.  I enjoyed learning about genetics, botany, physics, medicine, and  while learning about the human mind and the different aspects of psychology (social, health, cognitive, etc.)  I have a very strong artistic, creative side…I design clothes, paint, write (poetry and songs), sing and so on….

Chic. I so, so love this word. I won’t even give a formal definition for this word because to me it means all things fashion.  One thing that people notice about me is that I have my own unique sense of style.  I love to call it “Eclectic and Chic”.  I love fashion…from the creative aspects to personal styling.  I see fashion as an art form. I am able to grasp the multi-facets  of my personality and am able to translate them into what I wear.  I love shopping on a budget.  I am a true bargainista. So, being chic doesn’t mean having to go broke to look amazing.

So in conclusion, I hope that this moderately lengthy explanation gives you a glimpse of who I am…a women who lives a life of versatility who radiates with love and while looking fiercely chic:)
Much love while being. Multifaceted. Lovely.Chic. ~Brandi 

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