I Am Rare

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So, I was having a conversation with my mom about the dating scene.  I truly had a vent session about all of the issues that I had experienced in 2012.  Some good and others were disappointing to say the least.  As the optimistic therapist that I am (smiles), I look for the positives and learn from the negatives.  But I had a moment where the negatives seem to outshine the positives.

I knew of the challenges that other women faced with dating.  But once I got back in the game, I realized how challenging dating can be.  Challenging in the fact that most people who I met where dating for various reasons.  Some where looking for flings, some where looking for trophies, some where looking to fill up their time and others just did not know what they wanted.   I just wanted to meet a good guy who had the qualities to be a great friend and possibly an even greater boyfriend.  Did I have much success?  NO. But here’s why…

Let’s go back to my conversation with my mother.  She consoled me like a great mother does and directed towards a scripture…

“Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all” Proverbs 31.29.

So, when she directed me to the scripture my initial response was, “I read Proverbs 31 so many times about being a virtuous woman. I get it.”  I strive to be a virtuous woman.  She told me to look at the verse again.  I did and I let it sink in. “…thou exellest them all”.  I looked at her and she said three words that changed my thought process instantly. “YOU ARE RARE.”

I sat there just absorbing those three small words that have so much meaning.  She began to explain that when you are rare you have so much value and worth.  Therefore, it takes an equally special, rare person who is not only deserving of you but respects and cherishes you because of your rarity.

I did not forget that I am virtuous and precious.  That’s why I did not settle last year.  I was frustrated and disappointed with options that I encountered.  Those situations did not work out because they were not suppose to.

So, I pass this advice on to you. “YOU ARE RARE.”  If you didn’t know…now you know.  Don’t accept poor treatment from someone or give your time and energy to someone who does not cherish it.  You are priceless so you can’t be bought.  And you are too special for someone to devalue you.  Never accept less out of desperation.

I did not settle because I am RARE and I know that my RARE match is out there searching for his precious jewel…ME.  Please don’t settle because you are RARE and I know that your RARE match is out there searching for his/her precious jewel…YOU!

Don’t give up on that special love!  You’re worth it;-)

Closet Chic: Closet Shopping Challenge

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Happy New Year!  I hope your holiday season was great and blessed!  This year I don’t have any resolutions. I just want to give this year my absolute best.  I do have a challenge for myself.  The challenge involves me not buying any clothes this year unless it is absolutely necessary.  During the holidays, I went through my closet to take out clothes and shoes that I don’t wear.  I realized that I have some garments that I have neglected.  Which means that I am guilty of having too many clothes.  So, I made the decision to not purchase anymore garments in 2013 and be creative with what I already have.  Let’s see how that goes:-)

So, this was my outfit for the last Sunday of 2012.  I haven’t worn this shirt in a few years. It’s absolutely fab and I bought it at a fab price (Walmart $5).  My skirt is actually a sleeveless dress that came with a matching jacket (Ross $19.99).  I actually gave the jacket away because it’s not my style.  The belt I had on came with a sweater dress from JC Penney ($14).  My turquoise pumps came from Charlotte Russe for $15.  I was able take pieces from different outfits to create a new one.  I hope you find inspiration in your closet:-)

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Military Chic

Closet Chic, Natural Hair

I have definitely been slacking on my fashion photos.  A few weeks ago, I picked this outfit for my sister. What do you think?

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The outfit:

Jacket: Sear’s, $15

Pencil Skirt:  Rainbow’s, $5

Boots:  Shoe Rack, $19.99

Wooden Earrings: Local Beauty Supply Store, $1.50

Relationship: Rules and Games Part I

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What’s up people?  I am absolutely tired of the rules and games when it comes to relationships and love.  There have been so many stipulations and rules of what to do, how to do it, when to do it and why you must do it?  I have read countless books, engaged in forums and discussions, and have studied relationship experts. I could write several books about all of the information I have received.  Sometimes I believe that we get so overwhelmed with information that is good, that we fail to allow relationship to happen naturally.  I believe that we sometimes subconsciously use rules and unfortunately games to protect ourselves from getting hurt or as a prevention from being hurt again. Why can’t relationships be simple yet fulfilling?  I say simple in the fact that both parties open up about their true desires to love, trust, give, share, or whatever that’s needed.  I have thought about this for a while now.  The answer that I have found was that so many of us don’t want to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is hard place for many of us to go. Vulnerability involves sharing your emotions and who you really are at the risk of being hurt, judged, and possibly rejected.  Even with all of the risk involved there is a chance that vulnerability affords you the opportunity trusting and being trusted, being accepted, sharing your flaws and strengths… vulnerability ultimately gives you the chance of falling in love with someone who knows who you truly are and loves you because of that.

I challenge you to rethink why you use rule and games in relationships or identify if you are using these methods to be safe.  I am not saying to be foolish and put yourself in a position to cause you physically and emotionally harm or abuse.  Take chance at allowing love to come and don’t push it away.  You never know what you’re missing out on!

You deserve to be happy;-)




Good morning loves:-)  I hope that your having a great Thanksgiving Eve.  I am looking forward to spending time with my family and most of all EATING…my mouth is watering as I type this…lol!  During this time of year, I encourage you to take time to reflect on all of the good that you have experienced just this year.  Sometimes it is easier to recall all of the negatives…I’m sure you could give me five right now without much thought.  Right now reflect, look around you.  What has brought you smiles, laughter, pleasure, and peace.  For me, I am grateful to be employed with benefits.  I went almost 6 months without health insurance…this was scary because I have chronic asthma.  I know that my current job is not my ideal job….I am thankful for the experience and the opportunity to serve others. I am also thankful for my family.  What I have come to realize is that all families have dysfunction….some more than others.   I am so grateful to have parents who truly have had my best interest at heart all of my life.  I am thankful for the closed doors that I thought should have been opened.  I realized that those closed doors and rejection has helped strengthen my drive and determination.  I also probably avoided  some misfortune. Some doors have to close so that I step into the right door.  I am thankful that I have the ability to love, be loved, and share love.

As I continue to think, I am blessed and so are you!  I would like to share this scripture with you.  “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (New Living Translation).

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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