DIY Beauty: For the Love of Oatmeal

Hey everyone!

Here’s my first post about experimenting with oatmeal. The first thing I did was add oatmeal to my baths. I remember bathing my dog in oatmeal because she had flea allergies which helped her. Some things I didn’t like about using oatmeal in her baths was that the oatmeal kernels were too sticky and thick after they were wet.
I ground my oatmeal with my Magic Bullet blender so that the oatmeal would not clog my drain. It also allowed the the kernels to mix well with the water.



It has been working wonders because my skin does not feel as dry. I have been able to retain moisture in my skin. I started adding extra virgin olive oil to my baths to seal in the moisture. Be on the lookout for my oatmeal face mask.



Haul: Bath and Body Works


Hi beautiful people!

I went to Bath and Body Works this past weekend and did some retail therapy.  I was running out of smell goods anyway.  During this time of year they have their semi-annual sale.  I found some really nice smell goods in the 75% off bin.  I really like the signature vanilla fragrances that are mixed with lemon, coconut, and apricots.  I will be using these fragrances in my car to add a little bit of tranquility as I travel.  You may be able to catch some great deals because the sale is still going on.

Talk to you soon!