Water With a Twist

Healthy Living

Hi beautiful people!

This summer I ran across various recipes for water via instagram and Google.   The trend has been mixing water with fruits and vegetables for added health benefits and for detoxification.    I was in the mood for trying something different with my water, so I have been having a little fun with it.  The first recipe I tried was mixing a whole lemon, lime, orange, and mint leave.


I really didn’t know what to expect from the mix, but it actually wasn’t too bad.  The mint was a bit strong but drinkable.  I refilled my pitcher with spring water for a week then dumped the fruit out and started over again.


I have enjoyed creating water mixes that I bought another glass container just for water and lemon.  I use the water and lemon mix for making hot teas and hot lemon water.


Hot Lemon Water

I’ve used strawberries, cucumbers, grapefruit, oranges, limes, lemons, blackberries and mint leaves.  Honestly, none of the water mixes are sweet to me but are really refreshing.


I am interested in using different melons but they are out of season now since Fall has arrived.

I am interested if any of you have tried water enhanced with fruits and veggies?


Brandi 😉

Rompers in the Fall

Closet Chic

Hi everyone!

Rompers are not just for summer.  I found some really nice Rompers that can be worn in the cooler months.


Here are some tips for wearing rompers in the cooler months:
1. Wear cute tights to cover your legs if it’s too chilly.
2. Add a blazer or cardigan if your romper is short sleeved.
3. Wear boots or booties.


Links to these rompers:



Classic Black and White

Closet Chic

Hey, everyone! I have been away from my blog due to technical problems but I had to share this outfit with you.

Black and white are classic colors and can be a lot of fun to play with in fashion. I kept this outfit very simple for church with a thrifted blazer ($2.00), a white buttoned down blouse with black outlines (Sears, $5.00), harem pants (TJ Maxx, $5.00) and peep toe tiger print pumps (Charlotte Russe, $6.97).

Talk to you soon, Brandi 😉




Ending the Summer BOLDLY

Closet Chic, Natural Hair

I believe that clothes and fashion allow you to express yourself. Fashion is a creative outlet for when I can’t write, draw, paint, sew, or sing. Since I have to wear clothes every day, I might as well take advantage of the opportunity. I love bold, bright colors. I found this strapless mullet dress from Rainbow for $12. I felt it would be fitting to end the summer BOLDLY on Labor Day!


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