Product Review: Hair Chalk

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Hey everyone!
I bought this hair chalk around the holidays and I finally tried it out a few weeks ago.  It’s made by Splat and the color is Sugar Plum. I bought it from Walmart for right under  $5.  I have been debating on coloring my hair. So, I decided to try hair chalk since it’s temporary.  I saw other women who had success with coloring their natural hair with chalk, but not this particular brand.  However, my experience did not work out so well.  The chalk was very powdery and messy.  It did not standout on my dark hair.  It also stained my clothes.  I think it  may work better on lighter hair colors and non-kinky hair.  I would not recommend this product based on the mess it created everywhere…counter top, face, clothes, furniture, car seat.  I’m glad I was able to wash the color out of my clothes.  If anyone has other suggestions for temporary hair color feel free let me know. 



This is the chalk and sponge applicator. The chalk looks like eye shadow.