Natural Hair: Curly Twistout

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to share a go-to hairstyle that I use quite frequently on my hair.  It’s the curly twistout.  I simply twist my hair into two strand twist then roll my hair with these wave rod rollers (pictured below).


I keep the rods in over night.  I really like the body and curls that my hair have if my hair is completely dry.

I have a few pics of my hair at different times.


IMG_3331 (2)



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I Cut My Hair


I have contemplated on doing a major trim to my hair. I have been growing my natural hair out for about 3 and half years and I have cut and trimmed along the way. I have gone through a lot of stressful things within the past two years and it has taken a toll on my hair. I will share more later.

I taken care of hair through proper care…conditioning and moisturizing. However stress has affected my hair and skin. I previously moved from an area where the water was hard and awful on my hair. So, I am back home where the water is better and I am managing my stress more effectively.

My cut was needed and I am looking forward to growing and nursing hair my back to health. I will be updating my regime and products.