Closet Chic: Casually Chic Saturday


Happy Monday my beautiful people!

I wanted to share my look from Saturday.  Saturday was a pretty chill, but fun day for me.  My sister and I got a chance to get massages, eat out, and shop a little.  I initially wanted to wear some jeans and a t-shirt but I don’t like wearing jeans too much in the summer because it hot.

I wore a tank, red skirt, and a scarf kimono.  The kimono is fairly new.  I got it from Rainbow for $4.99.  I wanted to look chic without having to put too much thought into my look that day.  I wore my faux Prada sunglasses, a red and gold necklace, and a spiral bracelet.  I wore some African inspired sandals that I adore that can easily be dressed up or down. I felt really chic.




By the way, I crocheted my hair again and I shaped it into a bob again.

Thanks for reading!   Feel free to let me know what you think:-)

Have a awesomely productive week!


Protective Style: DIY Crochet Wig


Hey beautiful people!

If you have been following my blog, you know that I change up my hairstyles often.  I have been protecting my natural hair.  I recently made my own wig. I have never been a fan of wigs because they look unnatural, and most of all, they are uncomfortable on my big head. I purchased one a few years ago, and it was so tight that I couldn’t think clearly. I accepted the fact that braids and crochet hairstyles would be my go-to styles to protect my hair. I don’t do sew-ins or weaves.

On a brighter side, my wig is super comfortable, cute, and natural. I have been wearing it for over a week now. I can take it off to workout and rest. I am currently working on another for myself and someone else.

Have any of you natural ladies tried wigs or any other protectivestyle?

Talk to you soon!
Brandi xoxo