Oh February!


Oh, how I have missed thee!

February has come and gone, and I have been away making significant moves. Even though a new month has just begun, I couldn’t forget to share my February. February is a fun month for me anyway because It’s Black History Month and I love learning about my history. Speaking of history, I just made a major milestone. I completed the last course of my doctorate program, and now I’m working on my dissertation which means I’m closer to being a doctor. I’m so excited to begin my research study which encompasses me working with African American women. The cool thing about this process is that my sister is also working on her doctorate as well.


I also got a chance to see the Black Panther movie with my family, and it was fantastic. I am a fan of the Marvel Universe franchise, so I’ve seen all of the films and shows prior to Black Panther. If you don’t follow Marvel Universe, each movie and show gives a different energy and experience. So, I try not to compare each project. This movie is in my top three favorite Marvel movies (the other two are The Avengers and Captain: America The First Avenger). This movie was so empowering and provided so many messages. I love how the women exuded feminity, strength, and intelligence.


I’ve indulged in a PBS docu-series via Amazon Prime called Finding Your Roots which delves into the lives of celebrities of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. This show is so fascinating. I totally recommend this show.

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I look forward to sharing more content with. Talk to you soon!




Who Am I: Rachel Dolezal


This photo was retrieved from Instagram

Hello everyone!

I have been torn about this unfolding story about Rachel Dolezal.  She is the white woman who has been identifying and living as a black woman.  She has made physical adjustments to herself to look black. I won’t be retelling what has been told about her.  I really would like to dialogue about her and shed light on some of messages we could get from this situation. 

I have had some time to think about it.  At first, I felt like the story was getting more attention than it should.  But after more information was revealed by Rachel and the media, I began to feel confused and sad for this woman.  From a mental health standpoint, she could have some dissociative issues, trauma, or some other psychological disorder.  As a black woman who has experienced more than enough racial injustice and prejudices, I felt somewhat disrespected that she would create stories of being racially disenfranchised all of her life. If you have never experienced it , it is not something to make light of or to fabricate such experiences.  However, I do appreciate her tenacity in advocating for the equality of the black race.  However, I am sad that she denies her heritage and her race. As a black woman, I am proud to be black. There are some serious issues that concern me about my race as a whole, but not once have I desired to be anything but black.

With that being said, I genuinely hope that she finds resolution within herself and possibly her family because there obviously is some underlying and unresolved issues. One thing I can take from this situation is that we can truly appreciate and learn from another culture or race different from our own. I personally have learned more about myself just by getting to know people who didn’t look, think, or believed like me. Many times we share similar interests and we learn something new.

Rachel’s experience opens dialogue about racial identity. She is not the only person who desires to be black. There are people of all shades who deny their racial background for different reasons and desire to be another race. I know some people may appreciate or find more connectivity to some cultures than their own. There are some men and women who totally dig African American culture from hairstyles to music. Many don’t deny their heritage and race while enjoying another.

Is Rachel’s physical transformation and racial identity change a result of a young woman who grew up with a strong admiration for African American culture and its people that went too far? Does she suffer from trauma or some other psychological disorder that causes her to cope and thrive better as a black woman?

Share your thoughts if you have any.


Travel Diaries: World Natural Hair Show 2015



Hello lovelies!  Jessica and I went to Atlanta this past weekend to attend the annual World Natural Hair Show.  It was a really exciting experience to see so many women rocking their natural hair in afros, twist outs, wash-n-gos, braids, and other styles. There were other vloggers and bloggers there.

I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite YouTube vloggers Toni Daley (tonidaley.com.)  I was super excited to meet her and support your business.


Toni and I

Here’s what I got from Toni:

I also got some mugs from an artist called Twisted Cheri.  She makes posters and drawings of African-American women.  www.twistedcheri.com

I also got a chance to support other business and I got a chance to stock up on some hair and skin care products.

Travel Diaries: I Miss Thee, New Orleans

What’s up beautiful people? I hope life is treating you well. I have been frozen in my home for the past few days due to an ice storm. I have had some time to travel down memory lane . New Orleans has been on my mind, especially since Mardi Gras festivities have just past. I’m hoping to visit this year.  In 2013, Jess and I went to New Orleans after Mardi Gras. I absolutely loved the city. This city is filled with so much history, culture, art, food, and music. The architecture is beautiful and colorful. We went on tour of the city that gave us a lot of history facts about everything.  The French Quarter and the cemetery was interesting. To my fellow nerds,  there are a lot opportunities to learn. We went to the Degas House that was literally split into two parts due to the divide of a family. Impressionistic painter Edgar Degas is a part of this family and he painted in this house. A native suggested that I go to Magazine Street to check out the fashion boutiques. I did and I enjoyed seeing the fashions of the area. When it comes to dining out, I was told to avoid restaurants that had words like “river”, “creole”, or “Cajun” because the food is more commercialized.  I was told to go to restaurants that ended in an apostrophe s (like Antoine’s).   I am looking forward to going back to New Orleans. I wanted to share some pictures of our brief time there.


My Favorite Fashions From The NAACP Image Awards

Hey lovelies!
I just had to share my favorite five gowns I seen at the 46th NAACP Image Awards on Friday February 6th.  I will list my favorite look and work my way down.

1.  Tracee Ellis Ross
I am soooo loving Tracee’s gown and her total look.  I love the lace detail because it’s soft and feminine.  It was curve hugging with a plunging neckline. She was gorgeous.  I love to see women embrace their curves.  The gown flowed when she walked.  You had to see it in action.  Her natural curls were beautiful and her makeup was simple. Tracee is my favorite fashion inspiration.  By the way, she won best comedic actress for her role in one of my newest favorite  television shows Blackish.




2. Angela Bassett
When Ms. Bassett walked on the stage, she was welcomed with a standing ovation.  She looked so regal, confident, and ageless.  She was stunning.  She makes me look forward to being 56 years old.  Angela’s gown and hair was flawless.  Cheers to being fabulous over 50!



3. Teyonah Parris
I saw this look on the red carpet and saw how beautiful it was.  I love how the neutral color, lace, embellishments create a soft, feminine look.  I love the form fit of the gown with the sheer skirt.  I like that Teyonah embraces her kinky natural hair when she’s on the red carpet.



4.  Gabrielle Union
Gabby also wore a neutral gown with the back out.  This look is different from what I normally see Ms. Union usually wear, but I like it.



Honorable Mention: Kerry Washington
I really like Kerry Washington because she’s a natural beauty.  Her style is very classy and sleek.  I love this red lace gown Kerry wore.  It was simple yet beautiful.