A Very Chemist Christmas

Christmas is one of my most favorite times of the year.  I love spending time with my family, watching Christmas movies and shows, putting up decorations, and many of the other holiday filled activities. This year, I was excited to be able to celebrate the holidays at work. We had an ugly sweater contest, bought and wrapped gifts for less fortunate families, decorated the laboratory, as well as several other activities. The one activity I would like to share with you guys is the ornaments I made at work. We transformed everyday laboratory items into ornaments for the Christmas tree. The two items used from the lab were a disposable transfer pipet and a petri dish. With the pipet, I made a reindeer using a few arts and crafts supplies, and painted a Christmas tree on the petri dish. I’ve posted pictures below to show you the finished products. As a precaution, I’m no Picasso with the paint brush!




Caftan Turned Kimono Cardigan


Hi everyone!

It’s been over due for a DIY sewing project and I wanted to share a recent project I have  done.  I’ve been slightly obsessed with kimono cardigans.  So one day, it came to me to that I could make a kimono using a caftan.   I found this really cute caftan from Ross ($8.99).


It was fairly simple to make.   I laid the caftan flat on a table and cut a straight line down the middle.



I then folded and pinned both sides of the fabric where I cut and sewed down the hem of each side.


Here’s the final result.




My tank top ($1.90) and jeans ($9.80) are from Forever 21+. My shoes are from Rue 21 ($6.00).

This kimono has been multifunctional. I have used it as a cover up for swimming and to wear around the house as an alternative to my fleece house coat. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Be on the look out for more of my DIY projects.


Thoughtful Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Budget


Hi everyone!

Mother’s Day is literally a day away and you may not have gotten mom or other maternal figures in your life something special and memorable. Don’t worry. I wanted to share some really great gift ideas for moms that are memorable. The beauty of giving thoughtful gifts you don’t have to go in debt to make to make mom happy. Ditch the greeting cards and get creative.

At home manicure/pedicure

Pamper mom by giving her a manicure or pedicure at home. You don’t have to be a cosmetologist to massage moms hands and file her nails down. You can spend some one-on-one time catering to mom by painting her nails for her. I do this for my mama and she loves it.

Make a picture collage or slideshow

A few years ago, I made my mom a picture slideshow using PowerPoint. I personalized it with little messages and I shared pictures of every aspect of her life to remind her of how special she is to so many people. Mothers do a lot sometimes they need to be reminded of how amazing they are. I added a really sentimental song to go along with the slideshow.


Cook mom her favorite meal. If you can’t cook take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant. Who doesn’t like coming home to their favorite meal?

Personalized Gift Set

Instead of buying pre-made gift baskets or sets, make your own. I love doing this gift idea because I personally choose the items that I want to give mom. I fill it with her favorite snacks, goodies, treats. You can put gift cards, clothes, skin care items, and any things that she needs. This year, I am putting my mom’s gift set in some decorative boxes I got from Ross. I chose boxes this year instead of gift bags because she could use the boxes as decoration or storage for later. You can be as creative as you want.

Mini Makeover

I noticed that a lot of mothers sacrifice a lot to give to their families. With all of the sacrifices, moms forget to take care of themselves. Giving mom a mini makeover is great so that she get feel beautiful on Mother’s Day. You don’t have to spend a lot. Pick out a cute dress for mom to wear. Do her makeup. If she’s not into makeup, give her some neutral lipstick or gloss. A little mascara is okay. Let her get her hair done or do it for her. The goal is mom should feel beautiful.

Spa Date

Some spas offer specials or packages. Some spas can customize their packages. If it’s in your budget, find something mom needs or likes. I took my to the spa to get pampered and I scheduled a couples spa package to get a massage and have lunch with my mom at the spa. It was a really great experience because we were able to talk and bond. Spas offer different services so do some research and check out reviews before you go so that the experience is great.  You can schedule the spa date after Mother’s Day as a continuation of celebrating mom.

I hope these gift ideas were helpful.  There are so many other ideas.  Be creative and enjoy celebrating your mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Closest Chic: Rocking Tutu


Hello everyone!

On last Thursday, I was apart of a production for the school where I sub at.  It was so fun to sing and dance for the kiddos.  I had to share my outfit.  I had to have big hair and bright colors.


I wore my smile graphics tee with a tulle skirt that I made a while back.  I wore some sneakers with neon shoelaces.  I made the wig that I wore.

Jessica also rocked her tulle skirt that she made a while back. She was channeling a little bit of disco.

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Casual Chic: DIY Sneakers Skirt


Hey Everyone!

Here’s look I wore on last week. It’s cute, casual, and chic.  I made this skirt from some really cool fabric with sneakers on it.


I styled my look with a simple princess t-shirt and red sneakers.  I also work a red beaded bracelet and my spiral earrings.  I wore my favorite red L.A. Color lipsticks called Cherry Red.  I also wore a high bun to finish my casual look.