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Hello, beautiful people!

I am so pleased to be able to introduce our first featured guest to the Lovely.Multifaceted.Chic. community.  I am all about supporting women and women’s empowerment.  I met our guest on a Facebook after we both attended the Build Brand Bank It Summit which was very inspirational and informative.  Without further ado, let us get to know this lovely lady.



Lovely.Multifaceted.Chic. Interview:

Please Introduce yourself: 



My name is Tanisha Renee Gladney aka Tee Renee. I am a mom (three boys 15, 11 & 7 and one girl, who died when she was 4 ½ months old in 2003), an author, editor, and chef and lifestyle coach. I was born and raised in Oakland, CA. I now reside in District Heights, MD. I am a lover of all things creative and spend a lot of time doing various arts and crafts; crocheting, basket making, coloring, etc. I love helping others and sharing my knowledge and experiences in life is my tool of choice. I have an enormous sense of humor. I challenge everyone in my life to laugh every day for at least 30 seconds. I believe strongly in the power of words. My life’s motto is: “Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your life.”


What services and products do you offer?

Editing, Literary consulting, and lifestyle coaching. Also, catering, meal prep, and bite-sized baked goods.







What led you to create your service and product?

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. As a teenager, I started out writing poetry, and that evolved over the years, but I never thought about writing a book until my sister penned her first novel in 2010. She then asked me to co-author a book with her, and so began my journey. However, it would be four years later until I picked up my pen again and decided to share that story with the world. I published my first series January 9, 2015. To date, I have three published books and a short story in an anthology. Editing came about as a means to help other authors who needed help cleaning up their work. I have read too many poorly edited books that had the potential to be great stories. It’s my way of giving back and helping keep the reputation of this industry one to be reckoned with.

Since I became an author, so many people have come to me asking my advice to help them get their book published. So I decided to give more attention to those in need of this service and do my best to guide them to the best possible solution for them and their works.

I was born into a family of helpers and givers. It has been my way of life since I can remember. I get great joy seeing other’s lives being changed and their dreams coming true. So if I can give five minutes of my time to help that come to fruition, then my life is complete.

It’s funny that as a child hated to cook because it was a chore. I played like I didn’t know how so I didn’t have to (smile). I knew I could do it, though. I decided one day I was going to show my family what I had to work with, and boy was that a mistake. I made Christmas dinner one year and out the door went the notion that Tanisha couldn’t cook. Over the years, I found an appreciation for food and enjoyed seeing the smiles on people’s faces after they ate something I prepared. So after many years playing around with different recipes and the encouragement of my baby sister Crystal and cousin Twink, I enrolled in Culinary Arts School, and the rest is history! My specialty is baked goods, but I do love putting together a tasty meal for anyone who wants to eat!

Would you share more about your product/services? What is your purpose/mission? 

My mission is simply to help other’s be great, to rid themselves of negative thinking and to shine like the stars they were meant to be. With everything I do, be it writing, editing, consulting or coaching, it is my mission to bring out the best in that person. To help them see that they have all the tools they need inside of them and how outsourcing is the icing on the cake.


How can the Lovely.Multifaceted.Chic. woman benefit from your product/service?

She can benefit from my products/services by knowing that she will be treated with the utmost respect, that her needs will be handled with care. She will receive honest, thorough research on any information provided and a friend/sister for life. I am not one of those people that collect your money and run. No, you, my dear are stuck with me forever! I believe in family; so once you’re in, you’re in.


How can we connect with you?

You can connect with me all over social media:

Snapchat: teerenee3575




I want to encourage everyone  to support and connect with Authoress Tee Renee!

Six Steps to Becoming Empowered


Hey ladies and gentlemen,

I want to take a few moments of your time to share some simple ways of becoming empowered people.  I truly believe that a lot of us have labelled being empowered as achieving a certain level of success, status, and popularity.  If that was the case, then suicide rates and dissatisfaction with life would not be prevalent.  I want to share some personal things that I have done in my process of becoming empowered.

  1. Choose to be authentically, genuine.  I have yet to meet a person who is empowered and phony simultaneously.  I have met people whose words appeared positive and their actions seemed kind.  But something was off.  There is this natural energy that comes from a person who is truthful in character, word, and deed.  If there is one thing that I do hold myself accountable for is authenticity.
  2. Celebrate Others.  On this journey of empowerment, finding beauty and inspiration in others is important.  I have seen that people who have a hard time celebrating and appreciating others have issues with jealousy, competition, and comparison.  You have to choose to be inspired by others instead of crippled by insecurities.  Choose to shine your light by shining on others.  I look to find beauty and qualities in others because I grow.  It’s simple to celebrate others.  Pay compliments, show support, and share what inspires you about a person.  Be authentic in celebrating others. Shine light on others and you’ll shine light on yourself.
  3. Celebrate Yourself.  In this journey of being empowered.  You must take time to celebrate yourself.  Celebrating yourself is not being narcissistic.  It means taking time to appreciate your awesomeness.  I have been guilty of not celebrating my talents and abilities because the people who were around me were not content with themselves.  Celebrating yourself is owning everything about you–your strengths and flaws.  Pamper and splurge on yourself.  Celebrate small successes and accomplishments.  Allow others to celebrate you.  Choose to not accept negative thoughts and voices and remind yourself of those qualities and traits that make you unique and special.  Love yourself and don’t back down.
  4. Invest in Yourself.  The most valuable asset that you have is your life.  Take time to feed your spirit, your body, and your mind.  Your spirit, body, and mind are all connected and thrive on each other.  Your total well-being is essential for being empowered and whole as a person.  Make it a priority educate yourself on your passions, goals, and desires.  Seek to be balanced in this unbalanced world.  You only have one life, one body, one mind and one spirit–each one is vital to your sustainability.
  5. Surround Yourself with Positive, Balanced-Seeking People.  People are essential in your journey to empowerment.  We are created to be relational beings, and our relationships either enhance or drain us.  Some relationships offer nothing.  Toxic and unhealthy connections could hinder and sometimes abort our journey to being empowered.  The beauty is that we don’t have to allow our special relationships to remain that way.  It is important that we connect with people to are actively working on being better and healthy.  Support is great and having good people around you helps push you to be better.   When I see those around me improving, it inspires me to be better. One of my favorite scripture verses is from Proverbs 27:17 is “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens of a friend.”
  6. Check Yourself.   This step, to me, covers all of the other steps.  Checking yourself means staying aware of your choices, feelings, thoughts, actions, and behaviors.  Sometimes we can easily get off balanced for different reasons– some are in our control and others are out  our control.  Make sure that we evaluate ours lives.  Are we doing things to better ourselves?  Are we happy and content with our actions and behaviors? Find ways to handle life changes.  Be honest about where we are and where we want to be.  If there are areas that need improvement, own it and grow.  Evaluate what energy you are giving and receiving.  Get help if you need it and receive help.

Being empowered is a beautiful and freeing way of life.  The journey is not about being perfect.  It’s about being better, healthier, and whole.

We’re in this journey together!