Casual Chic: DIY Sneakers Skirt


Hey Everyone!

Here’s look I wore on last week. It’s cute, casual, and chic.  I made this skirt from some really cool fabric with sneakers on it.


I styled my look with a simple princess t-shirt and red sneakers.  I also work a red beaded bracelet and my spiral earrings.  I wore my favorite red L.A. Color lipsticks called Cherry Red.  I also wore a high bun to finish my casual look.



New Fabrics, New Ideas

Hey lovelies!

I have been focusing my energy on sewing.  It’s one of my favorite hobbies.  To me it’s more than a hobby, but like an escape.  It’s therapy to me.  I recently have gotten some really cool fabrics that I want to play around with.


I have updated some of my sewing tool.


I started having issues with my upper threading popping a few days ago. I did a thorough cleaning and oiling to my machine to keep it functioning correctly.  I have done and tried everything…so I will have to get my machine professionally serviced.  So, I will be sewing by hand which should be fun. I made a few garments that I will share later.


I am currently working with this fabric.  I like sneakers and I had an idea about what I want to do.

Sending positivity your way!