Floral Fashion Inspirations


Hello beautiful people!

I have really enjoyed seeing floral prints in fashion.  Floral prints have had this history of looking old and unflattering.   I seen so many beautiful prints that look great for women of all shades and sizes.  I wanted to share some floral fashion inspirations.

The first two dresses that I am sharing are from Rue 107 (rue107.com).   This company caters to women with curves and smaller sizes.


The next two floral looks are from Monif C Plus Size Fashion (monifc.com).



Here’s some fashion inspiration from Forever 21 Plus (forever21.com).



The next floral fashions are from Fashion to Figure (fashiontofigure.com).





There are so many different varieties of  fabulous floral prints and designs that are available.  Has anyone been wearing floral prints this season?

Talk to you soon and enjoy floral fashion inspirations!


Flourishing Floral

Hi everyone!

I have a fallen in love with floral prints.  When done right, floral prints are feminine and elegant.  I went to this plus size consignment shop a few weeks ago for an internship I had for a celeb stylist  and found some really great garments for myself and for my internship (I will be sharing all of the pieces with you over the next several days).

I found this really cute floral dress on clearance for $3.  Yes $3!  It was a little loose in the waist but I fixed that by adding an embellished belt from Charming Charlie for $4.99 for church.  I also styled the dress with a black accessories to show options.  The outfit is simple yet fabulously chic.  What do ya think?