Fruit and Veggie Smoothie


Hello everyone!

I haven’t done a smoothie post lately.  I’ve pretty busy with a school project. So, I wanted share my smoothie for today.  I used fruit and veggies.

Fruits:  Kiwis, Blackberries, Strawberries, Cranberries, and Bananas.

Veggies:  Kale and Collard Greens.

I added 1/2 tsp of flaxseeds






Vegetarian and Gluten-free Pasta Dish

Hello everyone! I have not posted any food post lately.  I wanted share a very delicious vegetarian pasta dish I made last week.  Here’s what I used:

Gluten-free rotini pasta, mushrooms, alfredo sause, 3 garlic cloves, and half a bell pepper sliced into thin pieces.   I used cajun and creole spices.

wpid-1427440251701.jpgI cooked the pasta, drained it, and put in in a casserole pan.  I added the sliced mushrooms, alfredo sauce, the bell pepper slices, and minced garlic.  I added the spices last.  I mixed everything and added some soy milk to make the dish creamier.

I baked for about 30 minutes at 300 degrees.  I made sure that the bell peppers were tender.

Here’s the finally product.



Green Smoothie


Hi everyone!
I wanted share another smoothie that I made.  I used fresh kiwis, blackberries, bananas, kale, and a teaspoon of flaxseed.  This smoothie tasted really good.   I am enjoying trying out different smoothies.



Exploring Kale


Hey everyone!  I have been doing a lot more cooking and experimenting with veggies.  I have recently added kale to my menu.  I wanted to share what I came up with in my exploration of kale.

My first adventure with kale was cooking it with other greens like collards, mustards, and turnips.  I am a fan of collard and mustard green.  It is a southern dish that is usually cooked with pork (or turkey).  Last spring, I search the internet for a vegetarian friendly version of cooking greens that still had the southern flavor. I found a recipe that I actually liked.  After that, I took that recipe and changed it up a little made it my own.  I took the butter element out and now it’s vegan friendly.  By the way greens are gluten-free.

Last week cooked some greens using the following ingredients:

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Not pictured is my olive oil and fresh onions.


The green were really delicious and tender.

My next endeavor was kale chips. I heard nothing but great reviews on how tasty kale chips are and I heard that they were easy to make.   I made some this past Sunday using olive oil and salt.  I have to say that they were okay.  Not nasty or super delicious.  I am a fan of potato chips, so I am kinda comparing.  The chips are super thin and crispy.  I let my parents try the chips out and they loved.  I may try them again using other spices and seasoning.


On yesterday, I made a kale, strawberry, and banana smoothie. I added 1/2 teaspoon of flax-seed and some apple juice to help the frozen fruit blend well.  I didn’t add my raw sugar.

wpid-20150310_141905.jpg wpid-20150310_141858.jpg

I have to say that the smoothie was really good!   I have tried spinach and other veggies before but I like how kale blended with the fruit I had.  I will be trying kale out with other veggies and fruits in my smoothies.


I just wanted to share my kale experience.  If anyone has any tips or ideas please share!

 xo Brandi

How Being Vegetarian Changed My Life

Hey Loves,

Back in 2013, I adopted a vegetarian lifestyle for a about five months. I never intended to become a vegetarian, it sort of happened as a result of fasting for a few weeks of eating only fruits and veggies. I really enjoyed eating fruits and veggies and I liked how my body and spirit responded to the change. Even after I incorporated meat back into my diet last year, my life was changed due to my vegetarian experience. I wanted to share how being vegetarian has changed my life.  Before I begin, I have decided to go back vegetarian because I function best eating that particular way. I will be transitioning to this lifestyle. So here I go.

  • I have learned how to be creative with meals and snacks.  Smoothies have been a go to options for me since my schedule can be full and hectic.  I normally freeze fresh fruits or buy frozen fruits.  I started adding veggies to my smoothies as well.  I purchased a Magic Bullet to make my smoothies.


I also like mixing fruit.  Strawberries are my favorite.


I like eating fruits for late night snacks. Here one my favorites-strawberries, kiwis, and bananas.



Here are some lunch options I used when I first went vegetarian.



I got different variations of these veggies trays for lunch and snacks from Wal-Mart for $1.97. They also have fruit trays similar to this.

  • I began to be more proactive about researching foods that are not good for my asthma.  I learned a lot through trial and error. I discovered that dairy is not the best for asthma and allergy sufferers.  I started using soy milk because I like milk and it’s diary free.  It’s been almost two years.  I use different vegetable oils instead of butter.  I’m not 100% dairy free because I may use cheese occasionally for salads or when I go out to eat.


I also found out that gluten sensitivity is common for individuals with asthma.  I realize that I am gluten sensitive.  After I took gluten out of my diet I noticed big change with my digestion.  I buy gluten-free pasta, cereals, and other products.  I found gluten-free cake mix.


Gluten-free pasta mixed with fresh broccoli and peppers.

  • I found new, healthier ways to cook my favorite dishes without meat.  I like flavorful dishes.  I like cooking spaghetti.  I started adding mushrooms and spinach instead of meat to my spaghetti.  I also use gluten-free noodles.  I’m a southern girl and I like soul food.  I liked greens.  Normally, greens are cooked with pork for seasoning.  I found a recipe that uses fresh garlic, onions, and other spices that taste amazing.  I tested the recipes with my family and they love it.  My mom loves these recipes.  I like making homemade vegetable soups with mushrooms instead of meat.


  • Going vegetarian opened my eyes to trying out vegetarian/vegan restaurants and new dishes when I go out to eat.  Some dishes are not good and some are not so good.
  • 20130801_160108

    A Vegetarian dish from UNO’s

    I enjoy veggie pizzas.


    Veggie Pizza



I was at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill in Atlanta, GA trying an organic smoothie.

  •  I learned that even if you are not vegetarian you can incorporate the diet into your eating routine.  For example, I would eat strictly vegan for a week or two to reset my system.  Also, you can go meatless for a day or for a meal.
  • Being vegetarian helped me to be more discipline this is why I am choosing to eat this way.

I just wanted to share my experience.  I will also be sharing my experiences from here on out as I learn and grown in my nutrition.  Talk to you soon!