Sacred Sunday


Hello everyone!

This post is not fashion or beauty or health related.  It’s Easter Sunday and for some Resurrection Sunday.  I don’t do a lot of religious or faith-based post and it’s not because I don’t want to or care to.   I am Christian and I not ashamed of my faith.  Many times those of us who are of the Christian faith are guilty of not truly walking with integrity, love, and acceptance of those who do not believe as us.  I truly believe that this day symbolizes new life, change, servitude, and gratitude.

What I have discovered in my spiritual journey is that I am created for a divine purpose and that I am forever loved in spite of all of my flaws and human frailties.  I have discovered that having faith does not exempt me from experiencing trouble.  I realized that just because trouble and trials come does not mean that God is not there.  I have learned that storms comes to help me grow.  Flowers can’t grow without rain.  If I did not experience some pain I would have never known that I could overcome.

The most amazing thing about my spiritual journey is knowing God.  It’s amazing how far I have come in discovering God.  I’m free to love him and every person I encounter. I use to be bound by a religious system that complicated God.  He’s not unattainable or cold. I have learned to hear his voice. I know how he speaks.  I am learning to let his love overwhelm me to love others and myself authentically.

I just wanted to share special, sacred part of my heart.

Talk to you soon,


Vision Board: Getting Re-Centered and Refocused


Hey Everyone!
I’m at a place in my life where I am getting re-centered and refocused on my desires and goals for myself. I am taking time to allow myself to be restored and refreshed. I have a tendency to be super hard on myself and I have been guilty of pushing myself to the limit. I think that it is okay to have drive and determination but it is not healthy when you over do it.

So, I’m taking it easy as much as possible and focusing on my life and my purpose. I surround myself with things and images that remind me of my passions, desires, and goals. I believe visualizing where you want to be and what you want to be provides with some direction and inspiration. It has been very helpful in my life. I love writing down the things I desire and having them visual. It has been amazing.

I created a vision board, well more like three about those things that I expect to see manifested in my life. If you’ve never heard of a vision board, I will explain it. It kind of like a picture collage that has pictures of your desires, dreams and goals. It can be elaborate or simple. It’s your vision. You can make it using poster board or electronically like the ones I created. I made my vision boards using my piccollage app. It’s free and easy to use. I downloaded pictures from the internet and create boards for my life.

Here’s one for my personal wellbeing:


Love Relationship:




These are my screen savers. I bought some poster board to create a vision board in my home. I will be cutting pictures from my magazines. My sister with also be doing one. This is great project to do when you feel stuck or are ready for a change. This also great for children and teens. I will do follow up post about my vision board. I encourage you to try it and don’t be fearful of thinking big. It’s yours life;-)

Sending much positivity,