A Blogger’s Life: Eric Clapton, Honey, Lipstick, and More


Hey blogger friends!

The beauty about being a blogger is that you share parts of yourself—the good, bad, and in-between.   Here’s a little of the in-between.  This past weekend I did a little retail therapy on myself.   School has been intense, but that’s to be expected with a doctoral program.  I have been job hunting, substitute teaching, and getting my house ready to be put on the market.  My anxiety has been pretty high which has induced stress related asthma attack.

So, self-care has been essential for my sanity and health.  I made a late night trip to the mall of my town, Walmart.  I got an Essence magazine (may favorite magazine brand) with on of my favorite fashion icons–Miss Tracee Ellis Ross. This magazine gives me a little bit of everything…beauty, fashion, entertainment, empowerment, and education.  I found an Eric Clapton CD for $5.  I needed a little bit of rock laced with funk and blues.  I got some honey for my skin, hair, and tea.  I found some Elf lipstick for $1. And I got some LeKair cholesterol for my hair for $1.83. My hair loves this brand of cholesterol.

I took some time for myself.  I pampered my body, stimulated my mind, and fed my soul.  Sometimes simple things can bring so much joy…

xoxo Brandi

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Hey beautiful people!

I’m super excited about being nominated by Kelleemudiva’s Beauty Blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you for thinking of me. I hope my amazing followers and readers find some inspiration from my blog. Thank you for being an inspiration as well, diva!

Here are the rules:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them.

Seven Facts About Me

  1. I love music.  I consider it my first love.  I’m from a very musical family on my daddy’s side.   We sing or play instruments or both.  The last instrument I played was the drums. No, I am not on Sheila E’s level of playing…lol.
  2. I have two tattoos.  I have a small treble clef on my left wrist and the word music with a treble clef replacing the S on the left inside ankle area.   I designed the ankle tattoo.
  3. For my first “career” job out of college, I worked as a chemist for a cosmetic company that made my health and beauty products like shampoos, conditioners, lotion, and etc. for companies like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. It was the dopest job. 
  4. My favorite color is purple. Yellow is my second favorite.
  5. My favorite snack obsession is gummy bears. Period.
  6. This is not a phobia, but I do not like birds.  They kinda freak me out a little bit.
  7. I went white water rafting a few years ago.  It was one of most exhilarating experiences.  I definitely want to do it again.

I would like to nominate these bloggers amazing and inspiring bloggers that I have connected with.

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I hope you have gotten a chance to see a little more of me through facts about me!

Much love and peace,


A Fresh Start

Happy Sunday beautiful people! Today has been a really chill day.  I have spent the last few weeks of 2014 getting my house in order literally and figuratively.  Since moving back into my home last year. I made changes on the inside and outside.  A fresh start.  Painting and repairing.   During that time, changes were going with me inside and out.  I’m starting this new year 16 pounds lighter.  My skin is clearer.  My heart is lighter.  My spirit is at peace.  I will share later about my process. 

Today, I’m in my creative room repairing clothes listening to “Nothing Even Matters” by Lauren Hill.  I’m taking this time to relax and enjoy this moment sewing and listening to music.   I’m making time to just relax. 

Take time to relax and enjoy things that make you happy!

Much love,



Taking Time to Self-Soothe

**Disclaimer: mulitifacetedlovelychic.com does not own this image.**

What’s up my beautiful people?  This week I was in training and the question came up about how do clients self-soothe.  Some therapist responded that some people use drugs, fighting, act out sexually, and so on.  Since a lot of the answers were unhealthy and depressing, I responded that some clients that I’ve encounter use music, art, and exercise to self soothe.   If we all took time to evaluate  how we self soothe (which simply means to relax or calm down), we all may have unhealthy as well healthy ways we soothe ourselves.

For me personally, I realized that there were times where I would not take time to relax and calm down.  I noticed that I would eat more fast food or not get enough rest.  And when I did not take time for myself, I felt it and saw it.  Over the years, I have learned and practice ways to self soothe.  It is so important to make time for yourself so that you can be your best at work, at home, in your relationships, and most importantly for yourself.  I would like to share some activities that do to self soothe.

1. Exercise or physical activity.  Yes, enjoy being active.  Sometimes I hit the gym and do some cardio.  I usually switch between the treadmill, bike, or elliptical to add some variety.  Sometimes I take short walks or use the stairs.  If I don’t feel like “working out,” I go to YouTube check out some videos and dance until I break out into a sweat.  I also like zumba and other activities.

2. Art. I find that art is very relaxing.  A few years ago, I got into painting canvas with acrylic paint.  I love it.  I also enjoy sewing and knitting.

3. Music.  Music is truly a form of therapy.  It is able to evoke emotions and it truly affects your soul.  I don’t know if you ever heard a song about heartbreak or sadness…you feel it or it reminds you of your personal experiences.  I find that jazz with the music only is relaxing.  Also, I listen to music that is inspirational and up lifting.

4. Writing.  I find that writing my thoughts and feelings helps me to release them.  There are instances where I don’t want to talk about something so I write it out. I write poems, stories, and songs.  It just depends on whats going on in my life.  There have been times where I may have had to deal with someone who may have offended me or I had a disagreement with. I actually have written how about the experience…feelings, thoughts, and vent.  This helps me process the situation.  After I write about it, it helps to effectively communicate with that individual when I encounter them.

5.Other things.  This list could go on.  So, here are some other things that I like to do to self soothe: read, take hot baths (with my oils, salts, and scrubs), laugh (I have invested in comedy dvds and I have learned to find humor in the not so humorous thing;-) It helps), pampering myself (painting my nails, doing my hair, shopping, etc.), BREATHE (it works), being around positive and supportive people who I can talk to, and most importantly my faith in God truly sustains me!

Enjoy and don’t forget to spend more time self soothing and discovering new ways to self-soothe! Make it simple and enjoyable!