Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick: A Purple Affair


Hey lovelies,

I am here to do a review on my Ruby Kisses lipstick Purple Affair.  I love the boldness of the color. Jessica wore it first and got a lot of positive feedback at work.  I had to capture the color on her. 


I really like how smooth it goes on.  If you ever try this brand, make sure that you do not put any chapstick on before applying the lipstick.  It will not come on as smooth.  I conditioned my lips but I wiped away the oil before applying.  FYI the I paid  $2.99 for this color. 

OPI Nail Experience: Nail Lacquer and GelColor

Hello everyone!

I feel as though I have been away from the blog.  Over the weekend, I was out-of-town for  a wedding to support my sister, the bridesmaid, and help our friend out for the wedding.   I had a chance to get a manicure and pedicure.  This particular salon has primarily OPI nail products.  Since I haven’t used OPI products before, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try them out and share my experience with them.  I chose to try a Nail Lacquer for my toes and the gel for my fingers.

Let’s start with the GelColor I chose–You’re Such a Budapest


I was told that the gel would last up for about 3 weeks with no chipping or anything by several people.  The gel chipped the same day I got my nails done. I have to say that the color of the gel was not as bright as the color of the cap but I thought the softness of the purple was still pretty.  I do have a disclaimer.  The nail tech did not do a great job of removing all of my polish and she did a poor job of applying the gel.  Another stylist had to redo my pedicure.  My sister got a mani using a OPI gelcolor and her gel peeled four days later using another tech who did a great job with her manicure.  Here’s my nails after three days of wear.  My thumbs were completely free any gel at this point due to peeling and chipping.



Now to the lacquer–Got a Date To Knight


The color was really pretty and soft.  My concern with this lacquer is that it was too sheer even after applying several coats to my toenails.  I am not a fan of sheer colors because the polish doesn’t look even.

I must say that I was underwhelmed with the polishes especially for the price $6-10 for the lacquer and $19 for the gel. I definitely am interested in trying other brand gels nail colors.


New Lippie: Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick


You know my favorite type of cosmetic item is lipstick. I purchased a new line of lipstick called Matte Lipstick by Ruby Kisses. I a huge fan of Ruby Kisses nail polishes because they are really vibrant and inexpensive. I got that the lipstick for $2.99 at a local beauty supply store. You get this particular lipstick online and at beauty supply stores.


The color I got is called Dark Plum Scene. I would say that I really like the coverage. It a very rich brown. The lipstick goes on smooth and it is more creamy compared to another matte lippie brand that I have. I did a small touch up the day I wore it. I will definitely be trying other colors. Talk to you all later!

XOXO Brandi



Swim Sexy by Swimsuits For All Review


Hey lovelies,

I recently purchased a swimsuit two piece from from their Swim Sexy Line.  They specialize in swimwear for women with curves size 8 to 34. I found this red and white polka-dotted high waist two piece swimsuit. I purchased a swimsuit from this company a few years ago and I really liked it.  I got it for a really great price right under $20 and free shipping.  There are a lot of promotions and deals that go on daily. Here’s the swimsuit that I got back then.


Here’s a brief review of my newest purchase and shopping experience:

 The swimsuit was packaged well.  The color was great.  The top did not really look like the photo as far as the coverage.  The top felt tight in some places and did not provide the proper support and coverage for my boobs.  If you look at the halter top straps in the ad pic versus my pic,  the ad pic is wider than mine.  The high-waist bikini bottoms fit fine.  However, the waist was so high that it make the two-piece look like a one piece.  

The return/exchange process was not too difficult.  It does require specific steps. I would suggest talking to the customer service reps and review the exchange/return policy.  I called customer service for help which made the process easier.  I couldn’t exchange just the top, so I had to return the set and place another order that involved me paying again.  I recently got an email that my credit should be refunded to my account soon.  

I just got my new swimsuit and will be reviewing it soon.

Here’s a code for 10% off CURVES10.  It can be used with other offers.  It expires by 3-31-15.

FYI, always keep the packaging and invoices for online purchases.  I needed both for this order.


Talk to you soon!