New Do

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The beauty of being a black woman is versatility of my hair.  Since I have embraced my natural hair texture, I have enjoyed playing around different hairstyles.  Over the past five days, I have braided my hair with this burgundy-ish color which I got for a very inexpensive price…$0.25.  I love the color.

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit from Rainbows for $3
Blazer from a thrift store $3
Boots from Burkes Outlet $20

Rompers in the Fall

Hi everyone!

Rompers are not just for summer.  I found some really nice Rompers that can be worn in the cooler months.


Here are some tips for wearing rompers in the cooler months:
1. Wear cute tights to cover your legs if it’s too chilly.
2. Add a blazer or cardigan if your romper is short sleeved.
3. Wear boots or booties.


Links to these rompers: